{Monthly Recap}: Seven Months

Daddy took you to the doctor for a check up on the 6th and you weighed in at 16 pounds and 2 ounces and you were 27 inches long. Yay for you finally gaining some weight :P

I'd like to say you were back to being perfectly healthy this month but we just can't seem to shake your ear infections. Earlier this month, we took you back to the doctor because you were running a high fever again. Come to find out, both of your ears were inflamed. Dr. Luking put you on another antibiotic. You seemed to like this one much better and took it without any issues. Then when Daddy took you to the doctor on the 6th for a check up, your doctor said you had fluid on your ears again. So you're on yet another antibiotic. If this one doesn't keep your ear infections away we're going to have to take you to a specialist. Apparently, you have your dad and grandpa's ears and are going to be prone to infections.

The time changed this month and we gained an extra hour. Unfortunately, you didn't get that memo at the beginning of the month. You were falling asleep anywhere between 6 and 7 which was great but then you were waking up around 4 each morning which wasn't alot of fun for mommy and daddy. But thankfully you're just about back on your regular routine. You're falling asleep between 8 or 9 o'clock each night and sleeping till about 6. Though every now and then you'll wake up around 4 in the morning. But we usually just put you in the bed with us and let you play while we sleep.

Your routine hasn't changed much this month. We still start our days around 6 am. You get a fresh change of clothes and a bottle. Then Mommy gets ready for work and we head out the door somewhere between 6:30 and 6:40am. When we get to daycare you're awake and happy as can be. While at daycare you drink three to four bottles and take a couple of cat naps here and there and usually one good long nap in the afternoon. I usually pick you up around 4:45 or 5 and you've just ate a bottle. On the way home you fall asleep and will sleep for about an hour in your car seat while Mommy cooks dinner. When you wake up we get some baby food, then a bath, and then Daddy's home. When Daddy gets home you guys play and watch tv then you fall asleep in his arms as he feeds you your last bottle.

You've been in six months clothes all this month. We've thrown in a couple of outfits from Walmart that were size 6-9 months but we have to roll the pants up since your butt is so tiny and we usually have to make cuffs on your shirt sleeves as they're too long. Though, I will say I put two 9 months outfits on your from Target and they fit you perfectly! How weird? Also this month, we've been wearing lots of socks and shoes since it's gotten much cooler. You love your socks from Carters but you are not a fan of the one's from Walmart. You're always pulling those off. Nana says that should tell Mommy and Daddy something... you're going to have expensive taste (;

You're in size twos now and they're fitting you much better. We have to tighten them pretty much as far as they'll go but they are much more roomier and aren't leaking like your size one's started to.

You're still on six ounce bottles but you've gotten where you want to eat every 2.5-3 hours so we'll probably move you up to 8 ounces pretty soon. You're doing much better with baby food this month. We started you on fruits. You're not a fan of apples but you will eat pears and bananas. Speaking of bananas, you got your first taste of real banana pudding over Thanksgiving and you're a huge fan! You're definitely your mommy & daddy's child!

Whew we! I am so thankful to report that our happy baby is back. Now that you're feeling better you're all smiles. The only time you tend to cry is when you're hungry or tired of doing something!

- This month you learned to stand on your own as long as you have something to support your weight.
- You've started flipping yourself over to your belly when you sleep.
- You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!
- I'm pretty sure you've discovered your voice this month. You love to squeal at the top of your lungs. It always startles us when you do it and as soon as you get everyone's attention, you smile!
- This month you've began reaching for people and things you want! When you want someone to pick you up or hold you, you hold your arms out and twist your wrists! If you see something you want, you lean towards it with your arms stretched wide.

- Cell Phones: You are fascinated by cell phones. As soon as you see one you reach for it. Once you get it, you flip it back and forth and then try putting it in your mouth.
- Pacifier: You are loving your pacifier this month. You are constantly taking it in and out of your mouth. However, you don't really suck on it unless you're sleepy. You just chew on it! We've tried giving you a teether instead but you won't pay any attention to it.
- Being on the floor: You are really loving laying on the floor now. You love rolling back and forth from your back to your belly and vice versa. You're also learning to get your feet under your body so I'm thinking we'll have a crawler soon!
- Exersaucer: You discovered you can jump up and down in your exersaucer and now you do it every time you get in it!

-  Not getting your food in time! If you are hungry and we aren't going fast enough, you are more than happy to express your dislike with the matter!

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  1. Caleb has been having the worst time with ear infections too! He had a double infection a month or so ago. Then he came down with RSV and bronchiolitis. And now, this week, he's been diagnosed with another ear infection. Poor baby. Sounds like he and Harper are just prone to these things! What kind of antibiotics is Harper on for the ears? Amoxicillin didn't work for Caleb, so he's on Augmentin. Which upsets his tummy, but we don't have much choice:(


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