Weekend Recap

This week has started with full force and I barely have time to sit at my computer with the amount of paperwork being thrown my way and the meetings that are taking up my weekly calendar. With that said, I'm already counting down the days until the weekend! I vote that businesses should change things and we do the weekends for five days and we only work for two... whose game?

Friday I was determined to pick up my daughter at a reasonable hour as last week the poor child was the first to be dropped off each day and the last to be picked up. It broke this poor mama's heart. By the time I'd pick her up and get home, it would be time for a bath, a bottle, and then bed. I barely spent anytime with my precious little baby. So Friday I made up for that. When the clock struck 3:30, I was out the door.

I picked up Harper doodle right at 4pm and we went home and chilled out on the floor. Not only did Harper and I play, we had some unexpected visitors who came and spent time with our little munchkin as well. Harper's grandparents came to play as well as my sister and one of my best friends.

Most everyone left by 6 but Olivia stuck around and came to eat Chinese with the family that night.

Saturday nearly killed me. From the moment my feet hit the floor, it was go, go, go. Harper had me up at 6am and by the time she fell back asleep, it was closer to 8am. So I went on and got up and started cleaning and straightening up the house.

At 11, my sister and I headed off to a Silpada party where we shopped and stuffed ourselves on homemade cookies. At 12, my sister, my friend Emily, and I headed to a local church for their annual Fall Market. There were so many cute fall items but I withheld from purchasing anything as I know our city is having their annual fall festival in just a few short weeks. I figured I'd have a bigger selection of things to choose from there... plus many of the vendors at the Fall Market will also have booths at the Fall Festival.

By the time we left the sale, I was starving so we all hit up Mayberry's, a local sandwich and ice cream shop. By the time we left, it was nearing 2 o'clock. When we got back to my house, my sister left and my friend Emily sat and chatted for a while.

At 4, my best friend Alyson and her mom came and picked me up and we headed off to Greensboro for Alyson's bridal portraits. Alyson is getting married on June 21st of this coming year and I'm so excited for her. On top of that she'll be marrying my cousin so we can now officially say we're related!

Alyson's pictures were shot from 5-7 so by the time they were done, we were ready for dinner. Alyson's mom treated us to a meal at Mimi's Cafe. I stuffed myself silly. Too bad because after our meal, they made a Starbucks run and I couldn't even begin to think of ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte. One swallow and everything would have came up!

Thankfully Sunday was a bit more low key. I got up early and got Harper  ready for church. It was Homecoming Sunday so we had to be there thirty minutes early. Let me just say, considering we're usually thirty minutes late for the 11 o'clock service, I was pretty proud that we only arrived five minutes late for the 10:30 starting time this week! After church, we did our usual lunch at my parent's house. Mom fixed baked ham, corn, green beans, potatoes, and corn bread and biscuits. And yes, it was as delicious as you can imagine.

When lunch was over, I headed to Greensboro with my friend Brittni to purchase a comforter for our guest room. Last weekend when Kevin and I went I found a quilt I liked but it was gray and tan and I was really looking for something with more color. But over the weekend I was thinking of how great it would look in the guest room for the fall so I decided to go back and get it. I was so excited! But wouldn't you know when I went back to get it, they didn't have all of the pieces and they can no longer be ordered. Isn't that just my luck :(  I finally decide on something and it's no longer available! Ughhh!

So I went home in disappointment. But then my spirits were lifted because I realized Harper's new clothes that I ordered from Carter's last weekend had arrived in the mail the day before (yes, we're bad about checking our mail box). They were having a huge friends and family event sale last weekend and I may or may not have purchased her ten new outfits! :P haha But in my defense, most of them were between 60-75% off! I scored all those outfits and a pair of shoes for $80. That's a steal little mamas & you know it!

So last night after Harper went to bed, I worked on clearing out her newborn and three months outfits and replacing her closet with new six month and nine months outfits. It was bittersweet! I'm so excited that she'll be getting to dress up in some adorable outfits soon but it was so sad to fold up her tiny little outfits that she wore at the beginning of her life. Oh well, here's to hoping it won't be too much longer before another little Holt can wear them :P

Happy Monday ladies!

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  1. I totally know how you feel - packing up the smaller clothes is definitely bittersweet. Every time Caleb outgrows something, half of me wants to cheer (YAY, he's growing!) while the other half wants to cry (NOOO, don't grow so fast!) I saw the ads for the Carter's Friends & Family event, but managed to stay away as we are set with 6 and 9 month clothing for now. I can't look or I'll just keep buying...It's bad. My little guy probably won't even get to wear all the clothes he has!!!


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