Friday Confessions

I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition this afternoon. I've been seeing Jessica over at The Newly link up with her for quite a while and today I decided I'd join in on the fun! So let's get the confessions rollin' shall we...

1. I confess that I've been such a poor blogger lately! By lately, I mean since Harper was born! Lately just sounds so much better than months so we're going with that. Every week I have a list of blog posts I intend to write. Yet somehow life's been getting in the way. I guess sometimes you just have to live life instead of trying to waste it by writing it all down. But I do promise to get better starting with this upcoming week! 

2. I confess that I seriously think my daughter is the cutest thing in the world. I mean, I know all mothers say that because they're kind of obligated to, but I really mean it. Harper is absolutely precious from the top of her head to the tip of her itty bitty toes! Don't you agree?! After all, who can say no to this precious face?!

3.  I confess that I'm going nuts over trying to find new bedding for our guest bedroom. For a year now, I've been on the look out for a comforter set to go in our guest room and at this point, I'm sick of looking. Our guest room was just sort of thrown together three years ago when we first moved into our house. It's plain, has no color, and is lacking lots of decor. Everyday that I walk by it, I just want to shut the door at it's lack of life. I want to find something that's warm and inviting and just says "home" to our out of town guests. I've only found a couple of collections I like and of course, they're all outrageously priced. Though at this point, I'm seriously considering dropping hundreds of dollars on something I like because I'm probably spending that on time and gas at this point as I'm going all over creation every weekend hunting for something that'll do! 

4. I confess that I've been buying Harper's Christmas presents since July. But in all honesty, I saved lots of money by doing so. I've been hitting up consignment sales and purchasing some toys for her. A little clorox and lysol can go a long way! Just sayin...

5. I confess that I turn simple projects into huge tasks. By that I mean back in July we decided to pull down our wallpaper in our kitchen and paint it. That led to us having under-cabinet lighting and crown molding installed in our kitchen. Which then led to shadow boxes being put up in our dining room since the carpenter was already there. Since the painter had to paint the bottom of the dining room and the whole kitchen, we decided he might as well repaint our pantry as well. And since the bottom half of the dining room got a makeover, we decided the whole room ought to as well. So we bought new dining room furniture and had the light fixture replaced. What should have been a simple weekend project has turned into projects that are taking a few months to complete. 

6. I confess that the thought of pumpkins, leaves, and all things fall just about made me sick just two weeks ago. I feel like all of us in NC got jipped this summer as it rained 75% of the time and really never got that hot . Yet now that I'm seeing all of the cute fall things flooding instagram and pinterest, I can't wait to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and get the crafts and decorations flowing throughout my house! 

7. I confess I've become addicted to daily deals sights. Every morning, I wake up and check veryjane, groopdealz, sassysales, and fingersnappin before I ever get out of bed. It's like Christmas every morning! Check them out, it's seriously addicting! But they're great for finding cute litte gifts and decor to put away for Christmas! 

Well these are my current confessions... 

Happy Friday!

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