{Monthly Recap}: Four Months

You seem to have gotten longer this month but you don't seem as though you weigh much more so I'm guessing that you're somewhere around fifteen or sixteen pounds. You have a doctor's appointment on the 16th so we'll see what you're up to then!

From the looks of you, everyone can tell you're a pretty healthy kiddo. Sorry baby but you have lots of cute and adorable little rolls! I love to see you wearing just a diaper. Your Santa Claus baby belly is just too cute for words.

You love to sleep! This month you started to put your own self to bed. Mommy and Daddy would lay you on your play mat after bath time and you'd be playing up a storm. The next thing we'd know when we looked over, you'd be sound asleep with those hands above your head and your little frog legs sticking out. That's your sure tell sign that you're out for the count! And now that you go to daycare, apparently you wear yourself out because you usually hit the sack around 7 or 8 unlike the 9pm and 10pm that we used to see!

To be honest, I'm not really sure what your routine is like these days now that you're at daycare. I do know that I pick you up each day around 4pm and you've usually just ate. Once we get home, we play until about 6 and then you get a bath and a bottle a short time after. Usually by 7 you're starting to get sleepy and by 7:30, you're out like a light. Occasionally you'll wake up again around 10 but most nights you sleep straight through until Mommy gets you up around 6am for a bottle and some fresh clothes.

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to transition you into larger clothes. You can still wear three months clothes but where you've gotten longer, they are harder to snap at the bottom. So for the most part you're in three to six months or six months outfits. Though if you're wearing shorts, I have to put three months on you because you have the tiniest little bum and anything bigger just falls right off!

We're still in size ones. They fit you just perfectly so I'm guessing by the time you hit five months, we'll be moving you up! Though if not, that's ok with me. I'd like to keep you as tiny as possible! The fact that you're a third of the way through your first year of life is already tough enough to swallow. So if you'll stay smaller longer, that'll be great for this mommy!

You're still eating formula on a regular basis. Though this month 4 ounce bottles just weren't cutting it. We started giving you six ounces and it really cut back on your fussiness and how often you ate. You'll go about four hours without eating now as opposed to the two and a half when you were on smaller amounts.

This month you became a bit fussier. I blame it on two things... teething and being hungry. As I said, apparently we weren't feeding you enough. Once we figured that out you stopped alot of your whining. However, every now and then you'll break out screaming and we can't figure out what's wrong. However, we've noticed you drooling more often and chewing on anything you can get your mouth on so we're thinking maybe you're teething. Nana seems to think that's what might be causing you to get upset randomly over nothing. But even so, for the majority of the day, you're still that amazing little happy girl that everyone comments about.

- You started day care this month. Mommy thought it was going to be hard to leave you but since you were going to the church daycare, it actually was quite easy. However, Daddy had a tough time.  Your first week you went for a half day on Wednesday and Thursday and a full day on Friday. Your daddy came with us the first day and he couldn't leave you. When we got in the car, he commented about how hard it was. The funny thing is, he leaves you everyday to go to work and I'm with you all the time. I think it's because I know you're in such good hands. Your daddy says it was hard on him because he doesn't know those ladies like I do and with Mommy, he knows you're well taken care of! But regardless, we all survived and you're loving it!
- You tried ice cream for the first time this month. I know, I know, it was a bit too early but you kept looking at it so Mommy and Daddy decided to give you a taste. You weren't a fan of the Rocky Road. But I gave you some homemade peach and you smacked your lips for more!
- You also wore shoes for the first time this month! The first time you wore them you weren't quite sure what the deal was with the thing between your toes. By the next day, you had pretty much gotten use to it though after a few hours, you were ready for them to go!

- Daycare: You love going to see Ms. Kim and Ms. Saprina. You've got them wrapped around your finger and you know it!
- Shopping: This month you've really learned to love to shop. Just last week we went shopping with your Auntie and you laughed the whole time. You even are learning to express your opinion. Auntie Misty would show you items and ask if you liked them. For some you'd squeal and get all excited and others, you'd just stare at! We're definitely going to have a little shopping diva on our hands!
- Standing up: You're loving being able to stand up and look around the room. It amazes me how strong your little legs are. As long as you're holding onto our fingers, you can stand for a solid two to three minutes before your little legs give way!

- Being Alone: This month you've become pretty spoiled. Apparently, all of the day care ladies come and hold you on their breaks. You're quite the popular little girl. So now when you're home, you hate to be left laying on the floor alone. You'll fuss and squeal until Mommy or Daddy picks you up or lay down beside you. If we're no where in sight, you're happy to let us know that you aren't game for those shenanigans!


  1. That big smile in that picture is precious:) So glad that Harper is doing well with daycare! Caleb loves his daycare too, but sometimes it's still so hard for me to know that I don't really know what he's doing all day. I just want to be with him all the time! I totally agree that daycare is making our babies spoiled - as far as being held goes. Caleb definitely does not like being put down for too long anymore!

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who is facing teething. I've thought it might be too early, but Caleb has been drooling all over everything lately and directs everything toward his mouth, so I really think we are entering the early stages of teething for sure! Hopefully it won't be too hard on either of our little ones.

    Loving that she is already displaying a penchant for shopping. So fun!!!

  2. she is just so precious! and it sounds like she is doing really great with daycare! i love that you do these recaps... i will have to do something similar as carter grows so i can remember all of these things!

  3. So funny that she like shopping already! I'm sure you two will have lots of fun finding all sorts of cute things!


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