How Are the Wedding Plans Coming Along?

So it seems that once you get engaged, the only questions you get asked are questions that are related to your wedding. Almost everytime I run into someone I know, they ask me "how are the wedding plans coming along?". I just love the look on their faces when I say, "they are done!". It always comes as a shock but if they knew that Kevin and I have been planning on getting married since December of 2009 they'd understand.

Before Kevin ever bought my engagement ring, we began planning our wedding. At the beginning of the year, we chose our wedding date. Once that was chosen, I set out on making all of the arrangements. Growing up with a wedding planner/coordinator in my family, I've been planning my wedding over and over in my head since I was a little girl. So when the time finally came to plan it for real, it was rather easy because I knew just what I wanted. So I began to make those dreams become a reality.

My goal was that by the time summer was over and school started back I would have our wedding completely planned. I'd have to say I'm pretty proud of myself because I did a pretty good job of meeting that goal. We have our reception site, caterer, baker, dj, and photographer booked. We've purchased the invitations. I'm making the save-the-dates over Christmas break. We already have the wedding programs typed up, they just need to be printed. I have picked out my dress and my bridesmaid dresses. I've set up my hair appointment and we've got our music picked out not only for the wedding but for our first dance as well! The only thing we have left to do is meet with the florist, register for stuff, and get the boys fitted for tuxes!

All in all, this wedding planning stuff was a breeze! I am constantly asking friends of mine who are married if I should be stressed out but they all say if I've got all this stuff done by now, I'm doing great!

So I guess we'll see if I remain calm and stress-free the closer it gets to the wedding! Just a little less than 7 months to go! Yippee!!!!

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