Engagement Pictures!

When I look back over the good times Kevin and I have had, many of my favorite memories occurred at a softball field. As most of you know, Kevin plays church and recreational league softball. In fact, the first time Kevin and I met face-to-face was at Jaycee Park. Throughout our friendship and relationship, we have spent most of our time together at some ball field or another. Most people would think, 'wow, how lame!', but I absolutely love it! I love watching Kevin play ball because I love knowing he is happy doing it and it shows!

Now don't get me wrong, in the summer when its a 100+ degrees, I don't spend all day watching him, but I do make sure I make it to all the games after lunchtime! And I'll be honest, towards the end of the season this year, I held my breath at every game because Kevin suddenly became accident prone. In fact, one accident required him to spend the night in the Emergency Room getting staples in his knee! I'll never forget that night. He didn't even realize he'd cut his whole knee open. He thought he had just scraped it and what do you know, when I was trying to clean it out, I looked down and could see his bone! It was GROSSSSSSS! And he's just recovered this week from jamming his wrist in a tournament he played in over a month ago! So I guess I could say, I was pretty happy he decided to only play on one softball team this year rather than 2 as he normally does and he only played weekend ball about once every 4-6 weeks! If he'd have played like he normailly did, Lord knows what kind of condition he'd be in today :P lol

But anyways, with all that said, when we got engaged, I knew that I wanted our engagement photos to be taken at the very place we met... Jaycee Park. So this past Saturday we took them there! However, because we both absolutely love fall and we love the leaves changing, we also chose to have our photos taken at the Chinqua Penn Trail. Unfortunately, the leaves hadn't changed as much as we'd hoped but the pictures still turned out pretty great thanks to our amazing photographer who just so happens to be my cousin. I am so grateful she came in from Jacksonville just so she could take our pictures! She is absolutely amazing!

Here's a few of our pictures. I have more on our facebook pages so if we're one of your friends on there, check them out!

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