A Future Politician?

For everyone who knows me, you all know that I'm a very opinionated person. Usually at least once a day, I give my opinion about something... whether wanted or not! But hey! Thats just how God made me. If you have a problem, take it up with Him (:

Because I'm the way I am, growing up, people have always told me I should go into politics. Whats funny is, that growing up, one of my lifelong goals was to become a Senator. I've always had a passion for people and I've always wanted to see things done fairly. So often, I see our politicians make changes that benefit the upper class when in reality, the upper class don't contribute to alot of the American population. I want to see things done that will benefit us! And the only way I know how to do that right now is to advocate for it but a person as little as me can't do that and be heard. So the only thing I know to do is to run for office!

However, as I've grown older, I've began to pay more attention to politics and I realize how corrupt many politicians are today. So, at some point, I decided that I did not want to run for an office. I don't want people to associate me with that bad reputation. But as I was sitting at Alison & Waldo's wedding last night, I was sitting with a man I've known for many years now, sharing my opinions on some issue, and he expressed to me that I really should run for an office one day. He told me he had always thought I'd make a great politician. Then I was shocked to see all of the people at our table agree with him.

I'll be honest, the thought really appeals to me. I have so many ideas that I think would benefit our economy and society. I know they are just my opinions but often when I express them, there are many people that strongly agree with me. So maybe one day, I can actually get these ideas out in the open and make a difference. I guess only time will tell....who knows, maybe one day I'll be Mrs. Sara Holt, one of your North Carolina Senators!

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