{Weekend Recap} The Last Weekend of My Summer

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you're recovering from a wonderful weekend and an even better Monday. Yesterday was our first day of school. Unfortunately, I was sick as a dog but still managed to make it throughout the whole day. But you best believe by the time I made it home, I was in bed at 4pm and didn't find myself out of the bed until 6 this morning. Thankfully I'm feeling so much better today so I thought I'd sit down and share a little about our weekend since it's been a few weeks since I've done a weekend recap. If you're curious about my absence, you can check out the video I shared here on instagram that'll fill you in on why I've been gone (; 

Friday was our last and final work day before our students arrived. I spent the day working on plans for the next few weeks. I'm not sure how I did it but I managed to be out the door by 4pm, which happens to be the first year I've ever tackled that feat. Most years, I'm usually coming in on Saturdays to tackle last minute things. But the fact that I talked to the doctor's office on Friday and the sweet nurse told me our precious baby's gender probably had something to do with the pep in my step. I was so anxious to get home and tell Kevin Baby Holt #2's gender before he had to head into work for another long night. It's a wonder I wasn't stopped for speeding (; 

Saturday morning Harper and I met my parents for breakfast at one of our favorite spots. Since Kevin was still sleeping when we returned home, we decided to head over to Kevin's aunt and uncle's to hang out by the pool for the day. It ended up being a family affair as Kevin's parents showed up as well as one of his uncle's. 

Saturday evening, we headed to Greensboro to the Toyota dealership. The week before last we spent our entire Saturday at Rice Toyota test driving 4runner after 4runner. After looking at various models, Kevin finally decided to order one to his specification. Lucky for us, the dealership said they'd be able to get what Kevin wanted by Monday. Fast forward a whole week later and the vehicle finally arrived...or so they said. When we arrived we were so irritated to find out it wasn't at all what Kevin wanted and to add the features he wanted, they wanted to charge us an additional $5k! A whole $7k more than the original car we had ordered. Needless to say, we left disgusted and promptly told them we'd be shopping elsewhere. 

Thankfully our evening didn't continue on that bad note. We ended up grabbing dinner at Outback with Kevin's cousins. Watching Harper and Samantha interract is always a blessing as they're the exact age difference between what Harper and her sibling will be. I can only pray Harper will love her brother or sister as much as she loves her cousin.

Sunday morning Kevin and I headed to my brother's church with his parents and aunt and uncle. My brother's church recently moved to our town so for the last few weeks we've been visiting there. His church is comprised largely of couples our age and their youth group is booming. So we've considered making a transition to his church. So far we're loving it so we'll see how it goes.

After church we grabbed lunch at my parents' house then made our usual Sunday grocery store run. Might I add, don't ever shop at Walmart on the day before school starts back. It was a disaster and I felt like I was shopping on black Friday! 

Our evening ended with dinner at a local Pizza restaurant. After which Harper and I headed home to plop ourselves on the couch to watch Bachelor in Paradise while Kevin headed back to my brother's church to play a little basketball. 

All in all, it was the perfect ending to a great summer off! 

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  1. What a nice weekend! Too bad about you getting sick and the whole car situation though!

  2. Mmm I love a good Outback meal! Hope back to school is going well!


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