{Weekend Recap} Babies & Birthday Parties

Ladies, I am dragggging this morning. Last Monday I did great hopping back into the work routine but this Monday... not so much. I know I reset my alarm at least three times and even then I didn't manage to get up until twenty minutes after I was supposed to. ha It's a wonder I made it to work on time. But enough about that. Let's get to recapping our weekend.

Friday afternoon, instead of heading straight home, I dropped by my parents' house to chat and grab a snack. Never mind the fact, I would be seeing them for dinner just a couple of hours later. But hey, a girl and a baby need to eat (; I ended up hanging around the house until 5 or so then I made my way to pick up Harper from daycare. 

Friday evening we grabbed dinner with Mom, Dad, and my friend B at a local veggie place. We ended up chatting at the restaurant until closing time. Instead of calling it a night, we all headed outdoors and stood in the parking lot for at least another hour cutting up and carrying on. #goodtimes

Saturday morning Kevin had to wake up bright and early to head into work for another grueling twelve hour shift. I had all intentions of sleeping in but after hearing him moving around to get ready, I was up and at it as soon as he walked out the door. I'd like to say I got up at that point and tackled our mounting laundry, cleaned our unswept floors of two weeks, or even dusted the furniture enough to see the tops of it all, but if I did, I'd be lying. After getting up, I decided some time for myself was in order so while Harper spent the next three hours sleeping, I curled up with a good book and read it from cover to cover. And you know what ladies? It felt good! 

Sometime around 9:30, I finally got myself and Harper up and ready. We headed to a local diner to meet my parents for breakfast. 

A short time later, we headed back out to grab lunch and take it to Kevin. It's been a while since we've had one of our parking lot picnics so it was nice to have the opportunity again. While visiting Kevin's work, we wandered inside the plant and checked to see what all it was he does now at his new job. Harper was fascinated to watch everyone moving pallets and pallets of cans. Here's just a little sneak peek, friends. 

After leaving Kevin's work, Harper was dying to see her "other Nana" so we headed over to the in-laws where we spent a good chunk of the afternoon. While Harper drug Janet all around outside, I hung out inside with the brother-in-law and his girlfriend watching movies on tv and sipping on a Cookout Milkshake. #bestinlawsever

Saturday evening after Kevin got off, we headed to the hospital to visit some of our friends who just had a baby. It's funny looking at a newborn now that I have a toddler because all I could think was I don't ever remember Harper being that small. It was also surreal to think that in just less than six months, we'll be in one of those rooms holding the newest member of the Holt family. #cannotwait!

Sunday we were up bright and early to head to church. Following church we headed to my parents' house for our usual Sunday lunch. However, this week it was cut short as we had to head to a birthday party for one of Harper's cousins. The party was poolside so needless to say, Harper had a blast. Sadly, I didn't snap a single picture. #momfail

By the time we arrived home it was sometime after 5 and we were all exhausted. After giving Harper a bath, we decided it was time to lay down for a bit before grabbing dinner with friends. Apparently we were all pretty tired because we ended up sleeping through dinner. #oops Thankfully we had friends who understood. Sometime around 7, Kevin got up and headed back to church to play basketball with some of his guy friends while Harper and I stayed in the bed. We ended up eating dinner in bed and watched about ten episodes of Mickey. Usually that wouldn't be allowed but this pregnant mama was so tired I'd do anything to keep my little rambunctious toddler occupied so that I could get a little extra sleep. #sorrynotsorry

Hope your weekends were filled with fun, family, and friends! See you ladies tomorrow!

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  1. I was dragging this morning and am still dragging – is it too early for bed!? Ha! Love how you made the stop at your parents AND had dinner with them – I’d do that too :)

  2. Uh I can see why you're dragging, what a busy weekend!!! It still seemed relaxing but also so jammed pack.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie


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