{Weekend Recap} A Weekend of Party Hosting

I am seriously dragging this morning, ladies. This weekend was crazy, chaotic, and was a whirlwind of events. We deep cleaned our house, hosted two parties, and enjoyed time with family and friends. Though despite how tired I am, I wouldn't have changed one minute of it!

On Friday, I had all intentions of only working a half day in order to go home early and prepare for the weekend's events. Unfortunately, at lunch time on Friday, my principal called down to my room with news that they couldn't find me a sub. So my plans were immediately and abruptly changed. So as soon as the school day ended at 2:30, I was out the door rushing like a mad woman. Before heading home, I ran by Walmart to grab a few things that were out of stock at the Walmart in our hometown... like a number 2 birthday candle, fresh tulips for our kitchen, and some bright markers to finish up some of Harper's party decorations. After leaving with what I needed in tow, I made another quick stop by Lowe's Home Improvement to grab a new doormat and a few fresh flowers to plant on the front porch. You know it's all about curb appeal (; By 4 o'clock I was finally pulling in our driveway to tackle the rest of my to-do's. & thank the good Lord above, my parents showed up at the house just moments later to help. While the guys worked on getting the outside of the house ready by planting the flowers, mowing the yard, and sweeping the porches, my mom and I worked on scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and changing out light bulbs. Around 9pm, we finally called a time out and took a break to grub on some pizza. By that point, I was so exhausted, I wasn't even in the mood to eat...

On Saturday morning, I woke up around 7am to head to our local Belk store for their annual charity day sale. I wasn't really in the mood to shop but I did end up grabbing this dress to wear at the shower I hosted on Sunday. On the way back home, I stopped by PG's, one of our favorite breakfast spots, and grabbed us something for breakfast. Once the breakfast was devoured, we all got ready then started decorating for Harper's party. By the time we finished up it was time for guests to arrive. Nothing like working until the last minute (; The rest of our Saturday afternoon was spent hosting Harper's Puppy "Pawty". I'll do a full post on it tomorrow, so for today, I'll just leave you with a few pictures!

When Harper's party was over and everything was cleaned up, we headed to Greensboro for dinner with some of our favorite party guests. We ended up staying out way later than we planned, but with company as good as we had, it was hard not to do!

On Sunday, we all slept in far later than we should have. In turn, we missed church yet again. But it allowed me time to put away Harper's new clothes and toys as well as do a little light cleaning before decorating for my friend Olivia's bridal shower which I ended up hosting yesterday afternoon. Again, I'll only leave you with a picture or two so I can show you the rest another day (;

When the shower was over, I headed outside to spend some time with Harper and Kevin. For Harper's birthday we purchased her a swing set and she's wanted to spend every waking minute outdoors since she's seen it. We played for an hour or so before riding out to grab some dinner at McDonald's. Not the healthiest meal ever but after entertaining all weekend, the thought of cooking a meal to have to clean up again was just not appealing.

By 7pm, we were all exhausted and in bed! Next thing I knew, it was 5:30 this morning...

PS- I apologize for the grainy photos... this blog template does not allow photos to be resized; therefore, all of them are stretched. If you click on the photos themselves, they'll be clearer. 


  1. Oh goodness, I cannot wait for the full details from the pawty – sounds so creative and so fun! Harper looks so happy! As does the whole little family :) The bridal shower looks like a great time also! I love the busy weekends too but then Monday morning always comes too fast… we need another day!

  2. It sounds like a very busy but fun weekend! I can't wait to see a recap of the birthday party and shower!!

  3. sounds like a crazy/fun/awesome weekend you had! The dress you picked is gorgeousss by the way and your little family is just so cute :)

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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