{Friday Link Ups} Swimming Lessons, Anniversary Recap, & Gift Wrap Organization

Happy Friday, girls! I am so looking forward to an extra long weekend. One of the perks to being a teacher (; After a fairly busy week, I'm looking forward to some extra time at home with my little family, tackling a few small projects, and doing a little lot of spring cleaning.  But I'll save all of that for next Monday, let's just stick with today's topic at hand... Five on Friday (:

1} Swimming Lessons
This week Harper started swimming lessons. My brother-in-law's girlfriend, Brooke, is a lifeguard and since Harper is very comfortable with her, we asked her if she'd be willing to teach Harper the ropes. She of course, answered yes, and we started lessons that day! Having not been in the pool since last year, Harper was a bit skiddish but thanks to a waterproof ball and some gentle nudging from my mother-in-law, Harper managed to eventually get in the pool and enjoy herself. 

2} Anniversary Traditions
Every year on our anniversary, Kevin and I head out to Jaycee Park, the place we met, to take a photo. Over the last four years, this has been my absolute favorite anniversary tradition. I love having each of these photos to see how much we've changed. 

3} Anniversary Celebrations
Yesterday, Kevin and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Brooke and Bryan volunteered to watch Harper for the evening so Kevin and I could enjoy a night out together. Our initial plan was to go to dinner and then head to Celebration Station where we could act like total immature kids and play games and compete at a round of putt putt. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us so instead of a game night, we made our way to the movies to watch Pitch Perfect 2. If you haven't seen it yet, go NOW! After the movie, we headed to Sapparo, a local Japanese restaurant, for dinner. And as always, we ended our date night with a Target run. I'd like to say I picked up some awesome goodies but this time we limited our trip to groceries (; lol

4} Gift Wrap Organization
I don't know about you mama's but I have so many gift bags, tissue paper, and rolls of wrapping paper than I know what to do about. Currently all of it is stuck in a massive storage tub out in our garage that takes up most of the space in the bottom of our outdoor closet. Since I'm going to be needing that space very soon, I decided to look into some different storage options and came across this lovely idea of using a ClosetMaid wall organizer. Does anyone else have one of these for your gift wrapping items? Or do you use a different storage method? Please let me know before I drowned in wedding, baby, and holiday bags...

5} Harper 
I snapped this picture of Harper this week. Whenever someone talks to Harper these days, she's started propping her head up on her hands and it's just the cutest thing . 

Hope you ladies have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you hvae a great weekend! Kyle and I take a photo too, although not where we met, just outside the door of our house, but it's still just a nice tradition, and for the same reasons you do it too :)

    How is Harper? I feel like one of these days, I should start looking into when Sophie can start taking swimming lessons, is it 2? or 3?

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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