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Hello, ladies! It's finally Friday. I hope you all are as excited about that as I am! After our busy weekend last week, I'm looking forward to some more down time this weekend. If you missed my posts earlier this week you can read about our weekend, Harper's birthday party, and my friend Olivia's rustic bridal shower.

Cinco de Mayo
On Tuesday evening, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my friend Brittni. We kept it pretty simple again this year and just grabbed some dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. In all honesty, it was just an excuse to grab some Mexican food for supper. I could seriously eat it any day of the week and will jump at the chance to do so. While there, Harper wasn't too thrilled about the holiday so after munching on some chips and eating her rice, she flopped down on the bench seat and laid there waiting for us to be done. The looks she gave us as we lingered could kill.

Recent Purchases
It might seem odd to some, but I've always been a person that goes through periods of what I shop for. In the last year, it's been either wanting to shop for our house or wanting to shop for myself; it's never both at the same time. Anyone else do that? Or am I the only crazy one? Having shopped for the house for the last four months as we've been redecorating, I figured it was about time to do a little shopping for me. Earlier this week I grabbed a few goodies online. My first purchase this week was this short sleeve black Piko top that I grabbed off of Amazon. I can not possibly speak any higher of Piko tops. They are so loose and comfy. I've already told Kevin when we have another baby, I'll be buying one in every color because they'll work great before, during, and after baby and Lord knows that can't be said about maternity clothes. But back to my purchases...Yesterday, I picked up this adorable Striped shirt from Jane.com. I was really hoping to purchase it in the white with red stripes to wear for the upcoming summer holidays (i.e. Memorial Day and July 4th) but sadly it was sold out as soon as it went live. So instead I settled for the white with gray stripes. I think it'll be cute paired with some light colored denim shorts or rolled up jeans. I also grabbed this Floral Kimono from Jane as well. Kimonos are becoming all the rage and for just $15, I thought this one would be cute to try out. The only downside is they're one size fits all, so we'll see how that works out when it arrives. I'll be sure to let you ladies know!

NBA Players
This week I had the opportunity to  meet a real life NBA player. One of my coworker's sons plays for a team in Argentina and since he was in the country he came to our school to talk with all of the students about the importance of grades when wanting to play sports. I mean sure, he was no Lebron James, but considering Howard Wilkerson has actually played Lebron... I'll take it!

The Hubs Heads Back to Work
You may have noticed from my last few weekend posts that the Hubs has been very present. For the last three weeks, he's been able to spend every waking moment with us and it has been so wonderful. A while back I mentioned that Kevin had taken a new job in an effort to not be laid off from the current job he had as his work was cutting some positions temporarily. However, after that post and after Kevin's job training, the lady whose position Kevin was taking decided she didn't want to go out of work after all. Which meant Kevin had to return to his old job and get laid off. And you know what ladies? It was a blessing. When Kevin was first told he'd be laid off back in November, we were worried and we prayed. The thought of him not drawing a paycheck was scary. But after the back and forth of one week Kevin being told he'd have a job, then the next be told he wouldn't, and so on and so on, Kevin was weighed down, burdened, and was mentally and emotionally drained. So when he was told at the beginning of April that he would in fact be laid off, he couldn't be more thankful for the extra break. Over the last three weeks, he has soaked up every moment of being a husband and father. He has spent so much time with Harper, helped me out tremendously at home, and he accomplished so many tasks he'd been wanting to complete for a while now. This lay off was by far a a blessing in disguise. In fact, it was so great, that when Kevin had to return back to work this week, we all nearly cried! haha Funny how God works things out sometimes (;

My Little 2- Year Old
Today is Harper's second birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was holding my little 7 pound 12 ounce baby girl in my arms. I can still see her black eyes, head full of black hair, and precious ten little fingers and ten little toes just like it was yesterday. Time flies by so much friends. I know God has a plan for our little girl and he needs her to grow up to be big and healthy, but watching her go from a baby to a toddler is so hard. I wish I could just rewind the time and really soak it all in.

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  1. Glad you got some celebrating in on cinco de mayo and friend, I could eat it every day too! We’re going out to my favorite Mexican restaurant tomorrow night and it’s all that’s on my mind! Those blessings in disguise – it’s so funny to see how God works – glad you guys enjoyed your fun special family time!

  2. I think this is my favorite 5 on Friday of yours yet! So many fun things happening in your family right now! I hope you have another great weekend!

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