{Five on Friday} Hello, May!

Happy Friday, girls! I don't know about you ladies but I sure am glad Friday is finally here. This week has been a crazy whirlwind of activities. Monday Kevin, my dad, and my brother worked all day to get Harper's swing set ready for her birthday. By the time they left and we got everything cleaned up and squared away, it was nearly 8 o'clock. Tuesday and Wednesday I had volleyball games after school for the middle school team I coach. & then last night I was up past midnight cleaning the house and finishing up some decorations for Harper's birthday party that will take place this weekend. Needless to say, this girl is pooped. To top it all off, it's pouring down rain outside of my classroom window right now which only makes my eyelids feel heavier. But enough about the craziness, let's get started on this Five for Friday post.

1. Harper's Second Haircut
Wednesday afternoon, Kevin took Harper to get her second haircut. If you missed my post about her first haircut, you can read about it here. Since I had a game Wednesday afternoon, I didn't get to go but Kevin took pictures for me. When Harper's appointment ended Kevin called me telling me how good she did. This time instead of wanting someone to sit with her, she climbed right up in the chair like a big girl and was just as quiet and content the whole time. When I saw the photos Kevin sent, I might have cried a little. My baby just doesn't look like a baby anymore. I'm pretty sure she's 2 going on 20.

2. Ice Cream for Dogs
Did anyone else know they made ice cream for dogs? Because I sure didn't. Yesterday while grabbing some last minute items for Harper's party this weekend, Kevin and I caught sight of some new doggy treats. Ice cream treats to be specific. Since Rimy always begs us for our ice cream, we decided to grab a box and try them out. As soon as we got home, we opened up a container to see how Rimy liked them. Considering he licked the bowl clean, I'd say it was a winner.

3. Galvanized Metal
As I mentioned a few weeks back, my latest obsession with home decor is galvanized metal. Since my last post, I've acquired quite the little collection and wanted to share with you ladies as I know several of you mentioned you were loving it as well. As mentioned Monday, I finally pulled the trigger on these large galvanized letters from Hobby Lobby. To help coordinate them with pieces in my living room, I went to Michaels and picked up some galvanized vases for our living room mantle. Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact ones on their website, but here's a similar option from Walmart. While at Target, I grabbed a couple of galvanized pitchers in the dollar bin. Score! & I finally headed back to Walmart and grabbed five of the galvanized serving pieces from the Better Homes and Garden collection. At less than $8 each piece, I really couldn't say no. & Just this past weekend, while at Sam's Club, I found this adorable galvanized caddy. They also had this cute party bucket. I ended up walking away from it after much debate but since I can't stop thinking about it, I foresee it coming home with me in the very near future :P

4. Hello, May!
Is anyone else having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that today is May 1st? I mean, seriously? Where is the time going?! But I won't complain, that just means we are that much closer to summer time! Woot woot! This month is going to bring some fun events for us in the Holt household. This month we'll be celebrating Harper's second birthday, our fourth wedding anniversary, several friends' birthdays, as well as finally getting back up to the lake for some staycations with the family. All of which are things to look forward to in my book!

5. Weekend Plans
As I said earlier, this weekend is going to be a busy one for us. Tomorrow we'll be having friends and family over to celebrate Harper's second birthday party. Sunday I'll be hosting a bridal shower for one of my very best friends that I've known since I was five. I'm sure by Monday I'll be exhausted but with the thought of seeing all of the people we love this weekend, it's a price I'm willing to pay!

Stay tuned for some fun posts next week (:


  1. Enjoy all the parties this weekend! I'm sure you will make wonderful memories!! Can't wait to see the recap posts!


  2. Can't wait to hear about all of these fun events on Monday! You are in for a very busy, but fun weekend!!! I can't believe it's May either. Crazy, I tell you. Just crazy. Time needs to just stop for a second.


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