{Weekend Recap}: Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday girls!

Memorial Day weekend was a very busy one for us. Despite how it began, it turned out to be amazing. We spent the entire weekend with our friends and family and to us, there is no greater way to spend our time. 

Friday afternoon started off with a bang. Moments after being told we could go home right after our kiddos, I got a phone call from an unknown number. Usually I ignore numbers I don't recognize but for some reason I decided to answer it. Come to find out it was my father-in-law calling to tell me that he'd let our dog out at our house and he'd taken off after a deer in the backyard and hadn't came back. Of course, I was immediately upset. Though he may be a fur baby, Rimy is as much my own child as Harper. I was quick to get on facebook and ask my neighbors to keep an eye out for him; as well as call my parents, sister, and best friend to help with the search party. I left work as soon as I could and headed home. The closer to home I got the sicker I felt. I was terrified I'd come across Rimy hit in the road. Thankfully I didn't but when I pulled in the my driveway, the search party informed me he'd yet to be found. My heart sank and I lost it in the middle of my driveway. Thankfully not five minutes later, my neighbor pulled up and said she'd found him but he refused to get in her car. I dropped my pocket book, school bag (laptop and all), on the concrete and took off running to my car. Sure enough, I hadn't made it 1/4 of a mile down the road and I spot our little guy just casually taking a stroll through the neighborhood. When I got my hands on him I didn't know whether to beat him for taking off or just hug him to death. I went with the latter. haha

Saturday Kevin had to work so my sister, Harper, and I made a day of shopping. I was on the hunt for a little black dress for an upcoming bachelorette party. Seven stores and twenty dresses later, I found one... for $16 I might add! Along with a black dress I scored the cutest baseball tee, a blouse, an adorable romper, and a few tank tops from Old Navy... all for less than $60. Bargain shopping at it's finest!

When Kevin got home Saturday, we headed to his great uncle's farm for a cook out with his Grandma's side of the family. The food was delicious and the company was even better. It was Harper's first time meeting most of them and she of course stole the show. Speaking of Harper, she loved it there. We took her to see the cows, the tractors, and even took her riding through the trails in the back of the truck. She ate it all up. Clearly she's going to be a country girl at heart!

Our Sunday was filled with lots of running around. Since we had two cook outs on our agendas that took place 45 minutes away from each other and our home, we decided to skip out on the hour drive to church and spend the morning in. Despite missing our church family, it was nice to regroup as a family. Around lunchtime we made our way to my parents' place at the lake. Every summer holiday my family throws cook outs there for the whole family... aunts, uncles, and cousins included. There's always a ton of people, tons of food, a ton of jokes, and a ton of laughs. This time it was no different. Since we had another cook out to go to Sunday afternoon, we skipped out on swimming but we did take Harper down to the lake to put her feet in. She loved it!

Sunday afternoon we headed to my best friend and cousin's house. Aly and Clint threw a cook out for all of their wedding party. We had a blast sitting around the gas fire pit, sipping drinks, and sharing laughs. It made for a great night of relaxation with a great group of people!

Kevin had to head back to work on Monday so it was just Harper and me for the day. With the exception of going to lunch with Kevin, we spent the whole day at home. We played to Harper's content. We rocked in the rocking chairs outside, sat on the back porch, climbed in and out of Harper's tent more times than I can count, read books, watched cartoons, played patty-cake a million times, and had an absolute blast doing it all! When Kevin got back home from work, we wrapped up the day with a small family cookout at Kevin's parent's house.

Overall it was an amazing weekend. Here's to another great one coming up!


  1. So scary that your puppy ran away!! Glad you found him so quickly.

  2. I'm so glad you found Rimy! I know that is a sick and scary feeling!!


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