Weekend Bargains: Maternity Edition

It's been quite a few months since I've done a weekend bargain post but after the bargains I snatched up this weekend, I had to share with you ladies...especially you preggo ones! Over the weekend, I broke down and purchased some of my first maternity pieces. I was hoping to make it to the spring without buying any maternity clothes because I knew if I waited to the spring, I would have enough clothes that could serve as maternity pieces (i.e. knit dresses, maxi dresses, and super loose shirts and blouses) to get me through my pregnancy. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, I've noticed my jeans have been getting snugger and snugger and I knew that I wasn't gonna make it to warmer weather without purchasing a few pairs of maternity pants to hold me over until dress and skirt season. So when Saturday rolled around, a friend of mine and I headed to Greensboro to do a little shopping. My plan was to go to the mall but after passing the sign for Target, Brittni and I decided to stop there first. Thankfully we did because I scored big time and bought a bunch of items for practically nothing! I saved so much that I was able to splurge on some bigger items at other stores!!! (: Win-win!

Here are my Saturday weekend bargain purchases (: 

Coral V-Neck Tee: $7 (Target)
Gray/ White 3/4 sleeve tee: $9 (Target)
Blue long sleeve tee: $9 (Target)
Burgundy blouse with gold beading:  $6 (Target)
Royal Blue Dress: $10 (Target)
Gray Dress: $!0 (Target)
Magenta Dress: $10 (Target)
Black Pencil Skirt: $7 (Target)
Black Bootcut Dress Pants: $35 (Target)... These weren't on sale but I loved them so I had to get them since they were an absolute perfect fit and they only had one or two pairs left in my size!
Black Fleece Lined Leggings: $5 (Ross)
Urban Fit Skinny Leg Jeans: $40 (Motherhood)... I decided to splurge on these because they were the perfect fit as well! I also chose to buy skinny leg jeans because I could cuff them to be ankle pants or capris so I figured I'd get more use out of them in comparison to a regular pair of jeans. 
Khakis: $27 (Motherhood) I purchased a pair of khakis at Target but tried these on at Motherhood and chose to purchase these and return the ones from Target. These fit much better and seemed to be more of a khaki color in comparison to the ones at Target. The ones from Target were more of a brownish gray. It didn't help that they were also $8 cheaper! 
Royal Blue Pencil Skirt: $7 (Target)

I had no intention of buying maternity dresses or shirts but when I saw that they cost practically nothing, I couldn't talk myself out of it. I mean, who could blame me?! haha  Anyone else have any luck scoring any good deals on maternity clothes lately? 

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