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Like Becky, I'm having trouble starting this blog post so I suppose after writing, erasing, and rewriting to do it all over again, I might as well just jump in and forget about this being perfect. So if you're new to my blog "WELCOME" and if you're not, well then just read and enjoy (: Maybe you'll learn something you didn't already know! :P

I'm Sara. It's so very nice to meet you! I've grown up in the same southern town in NC all of my life. It's one of those towns that everyone complains about but no one seems to leave. I'm a third grade teacher. I'm the daughter of the most amazing set of parents in the world. They brought me up in a Christian home and taught me what love was all about. I'm a sister to a wonderful brother and an amazing sister. I have the same four best friends that I've had all of my life. My camera goes everywhere I go and if you wander over to my blog often, you'll be bombarded with lots of pictures. 

This would be me and my hubby. His name is Kevin and he's not only my husband, he's my best friend, confidant, #1 supporter, and my very own comedian. We were married on May 21, 2011. I like to think that we're still newlyweds; though I'm not sure people would classify us as that. But we're still learning about the ups and downs of married life and just taking it one day at a time so I feel like the term still applies. 

This is where we call home. We purchased our house two months after we got engaged. That was over 2 years ago and we've just finished getting it decorated and to my liking. What can I say? I love to decorate but I can be a bit picky :P One of these days, I'll get around to doing a home tour to show you ladies the inside. 

This is Rimshot; though he's better known as Rimy. He's our precious furbaby. We've had him since he was eight weeks old and he's brought so much joy and laughter into our lives over the last two years.

In May of 2013, we'll be welcoming our little Tarheel to the world. {Yes, we're big UNC Tarheel fans} We are so excited and anxious to meet our new addition though I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. We'll find out if Baby Holt is a boy or girl in 9 days! If you're pregnant, a new mama, or a mama of many years, all comments, advice, and stories are welcome here (: 

I initially started this blog as a place to jot down my thoughts. At some point, I changed the name of the blog to reflect mine and my hubby's memories that we made because I was terrified of forgetting them as they were replaced with new ones. As time has gone on, my blog has morphed from not just being about mine and the hubby's memories but also about our lives in general. I like to share our house projects, diy ideas, recipes we've tried, what we've done on the weekends, etc. 

Well that's a bit about me and this blog. I hope you'll come back again soon. Feel free to leave me a comment so I can go and read about you (:


  1. Your house is gorgeous :) Stopping by from Women Connect.

  2. Loving your sweet little family! Congratulations on the babe! I'm due next month :) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!!




  3. Thanks for sharing! I just moved from North Carolina to Florida and I am a Tarheel fan! We have a little one due in April 2013! Congrats on your first! =) Its a very exciting time! I look forward to reading along and learning more about you!



  4. I'm stopping by from the link-up and am so excited to find another NC blogger! What part of the state are you in? So excited for what life is about to bring you!

  5. Congratulations on your sweet baby!! Stopping by from Women Connect!

  6. Congratulations on your baby!! :) Your house is beautiful!! New follower from Women Connect :)

  7. Dropping in to say hi! I lived in NC for 6 years and miss the south so much. I also just had our first baby so I know what you're going through. Can't wait to follow you on your journey! Stop in to say hi!


  8. Stopping by from the link-up! Love your blog! :) Your pup is adorable (we have two yellow labs) and I'm due in February! I'll be reading!

  9. Congratulations on your sweet baby! Due in May, what perfect timing for us teachers! We didn't time ours too well!haha I was due the day after school started! Looking forward to following along! :)

  10. Congratulations :) We have so much in common, I am a Christian, a preschool teacher and due with my first baby in March. I am looking forward to reading more :)


  11. Hi! I got married April 2011 in Pittsboro, NC, my hometown! Yes, I'm a Tarheel fan, of course! We're hoping for a baby soon too although it's not quite the right time yet. I'm so looking forward to reading your blog!



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