It Happened...

My family told me it would happen. My friends told me it would happen. My coworkers told me it would happen. Every single one of them were all right because it did happen.

"What happened?" you ask. 
The infamous emotional breakdown caused by pregnancy.

And let me tell you all about it because looking back it just makes me laugh and it may make you laugh too.

Saturday morning I had the bright idea to tackle a long list of to-dos. The list consisted of the following:
- Go purchase a new Christmas tree
- Pick up Alpine Christmas trees from Mom and Dad's
- Sweep and vacuum floors
- Dust the furniture
- Windex all windows and mirrors
- Clean the bathrooms
- Tackle the laundry (wash, dry, and put away)
- Switch out my summer closet with my winter closet
- Start decorating for Christmas

I was determined to get my list completed. I was so sick and tired of looking at our poor disaster of a house. So I woke up early and got to work. 

By lunch time, I had made a trip to Lowes, two trips to Walmart, purchased a new pre-lit Christmas tree, picked up the three Alpine trees from my parents' house, swept the floors, cleaned the counters, dusted all of the furniture downstairs, and even met my best friend for lunch at our favorite local spot. But then, I was exhausted. So I decided to do what any rational person would do. I decided to take a break. The problem was I decided to take a break in front of the tv. Big mistake with the holiday movies on. So  my plan to take a five minute break turned into a break that lasted about an hour. 

But I was determined to finish what I'd started so I got back to work. I washed some laundry, put up the new Christmas tree to decorate when the hubs got home, and even got the dining room decorated for the holidays. 

By the time I looked at the clock, it was 6:00pm and Kevin and I were supposed to meet our family for dinner. So I rushed upstairs, jumped in the shower, then hopped out to get ready. As I stood their drying off, I started noticing things around me. I hadn't cleaned the counters, swept the bathroom floor, or cleaned the commode. In fact, I hadn't even touched our bathroom. Then the tears started to fall. I tried to tell myself I was being ridiculous. I reminded myself that my list was so long and I should have known that I couldn't have tackled it all in one day but did that do any good? Not at all. 

Afraid the hubby would see me crying, I went to our closet on the hunt to find something to wear for dinner. Yet, there I was, bombarded with the fact that all the clothes hanging were all spring and summer clothes because I hadn't switched over my closets. So the tears came even harder. After hiding in the closet crying for at least ten minutes, I finally got it together and headed back to the bathroom to do my make up.

As Kevin and I were walking out the door to go, Kevin asked me if I was ok. It was a simple question but at the time it was the wrong question. Standing there in our garage, I completely lost it. I explained to Kevin how I felt like I was going to be an awful mom because I couldn't even look after the two of us. I told him how I thought our house looked like a disaster because I hadn't had the energy to clean it in forever. I told him how just the thought of our bathrooms being so disgusting about made me sick. I explained that I felt like the bathrooms would look like that for the next five months because I was afraid I'd be sick from the cleaning supplies or worse that breathing them in would hurt the baby. I told him how awful I felt as a wife because I didn't have the energy to cook anymore or even to hang out with him when he got home from work. I told him that our floors looked awful because by the time I pulled out our heavy vacuum cleaner, I didn't have the energy to actually use it. I explained to him that by the time I wash the laundry, I don't have the energy to put it up so it just sits there in our bedroom, out in the open. I let it all out and by the time I was done, my make up was all down my face! But when  I finished, you know what my husband did? He just hugged me and told me it would all be okay and that he would help out. He told me all I had to do was tell him all this before it happened. And then I teared up again because my husband was so wonderful and I had no time for him. This time at least I didn't ball like a baby but the tears streamed down my face for the entire ride to the restaurant. Thank God when we got out, I was able to quickly get myself together and by the time dinner was over, I had forgotten all about my current woes and worries.

Looking back, I've forgotten them now and realize how irrational they all were but the thought of the whole fiasco brings a smile to my face. I truly was being the epitome of a drama queen and I blame it all on pregnancy. 

Any other pregnant baby mama's that this has happened to recently?!


  1. Oh girl :) Welcome to Pregnancy! hah! Earlyyyy on in my pregnancy I had a minor/major freakout over PICKLES! bahahaha! I'll have to share my story on my blog one day! My husband probably thought I'd damn near lost my mind! But honestly, that was the first and last freakout! Hopefully it will be for you too! Don't worry about the small stuff - babies don't mind if there are clothes on the floor! Or if your closets haven't been switched over! Just remember that hubby is there to help too! You have plenty of time to get it all done before your little Bambino's arrival!!!!

  2. I'm still super emotional and Londyn Grace is eight weeks old! My bathroom still hasn't been cleaned thoroughly and my kitchen floor needs mopped badly! The mess drives me crazy, but I'd certainly rather be cuddling with my baby girl! :) Hang in there! It will get better! Nesting will kick in and give you the energy you lack right now!


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