Baby Holt's Nursery Ideas

One of the things Kevin and I are most looking forward to about knowing if Baby Holt is a boy or girl is the fact that we can finally start working on Baby Holt's nursery. Over Thanksgiving break, we found some baby furniture that I absolutely love. Kevin wasn't with me when I stumbled upon it but much to my excitement, he really liked it too from the pictures I sent him. So I believe we finally have the furniture picked out. We've also picked out some bedding sets for our little bundle of joy. Initially I didn't want a child like nursery (i.e. pink, blue, or yellow walls; character or themed bedding, etc). I was hoping to make Baby Holt's room very sophisticated and adult like but after flipping through hundreds (literally, no lie) of bedding sets online, I've actually rethought that and we've come up with a few bedding set ideas. Because I'm so excited, I figured I'd share them with you ladies to get your opinions. Let me know which you like for a boy and which you like for a girl!  After all, at this point, we're not sure which we're buying for! (:

I fell in love with the Adele Caffe Collection!

Boy Bedding
This was the bedding I originally fell in love with because I wanted to do the nursery in navy, green, and gray if we had a boy. Plus, it wasn't too baby looking and it could be monogrammed. You can never go wrong with a monogram (: It just happens to be as much as the baby bed because of it being custom made.

But then when I went to look for baby furniture, this Zootopia set was placed on the furniture set I liked and it looked so great with it. On top of it, I loved the dark colors and all of the adorable animals on the bedding set. It's the only themed set I've seen thus far that I don't think I'd get tired of. So now I'm torn. But I wonder, is the animal print too much for a boy?

Of course my hubby has played sports all of his life so I know he would secretly like to do a sports themed nursery. However, most of the sports themed baby bedding sets are ugly and I can't stand all of the blue that they usually include. But then I stumbled upon this vintage sports themed baby bedding set and I really liked it. It had some potential. I liked the dark colors and I thought it looked somewhat sophisticated as well. But then again, I wonder, will I get tired of a "themed" nursery. But on the plus side, with it being vintage, I can use some of Kevin's old baseball equipment in the room for decoration. 

And as a final option, I pinned this off of pinterest a while back. I liked the dark brown, tans, and reds together. I also liked the touch of the dog print though I wouldn't use all of the dog pieces because then it might be a bit much. I also liked the idea of using red in a nursery because it's not a color you see used in a nursery very often and it just so happens to be Kevin's favorite color so he likes the idea of incorporating it too. 

Girl Bedding

When I saw this bedding set for a girl, it was love at first sight. I love all of the patterns and I love how it includes a darker shade of pink and doesn't overly do it. On top of that, I think it screams sophistication and isn't at all babyish. But then I realized that it doesn't come with a matching comforter and it makes me sad. Is a comforter that important? The set includes an ivory minky blanket {the one pictured hanging on the end of the bed} because the company doesn't make a matching comforter. Does that ruin the look?

But as I was searching overstock.com I came across this adorable pink and gray elephant bedding set. I love the gray and the touches of pink. But most of all I love the elephants. Elephants are my thing. So now I'm torn between the two girls sets. Do I go for the sophisticated set or the cute set? My only fear is that after awhile the elephant theme will get on my nerves since I'm not big into theme bedding.

Well cast your vote on your favorite for a boy and your favorite for a girl. We plan on ordering a set as soon as we know what Baby Holt is so that we can work on the nursery during my Christmas break (:


  1. Our tastes in furniture/bedding is so similar! I chose the same girl's bedding {the first one} if it was a girl and when we found out it was a boy I went with something super classic! Love your choice for the boy! {first one as well!} We ended up doing a Pottery Barn Harper set in grey and aqua! I'll be {hopefully} doing a Nursery Reveal soon!

  2. For a boy, I like the vintage baseball theme. As you mentioned, you could incorporate Kevin's old equipment into it, as well as find plenty of ideas of Pinterest to go along with it. It's a theme that will grow with him and is very versatile. If your bundle of joy is a girl then I think the pink and gray is a nice choice. You could use gray paint for the walls, as pictured, so it's not pink overkill. The theme is also one that wouldn't have to dominate the room in order to be adorable.

    God bless you, Kevin, and your little one!

  3. Here’s my two cents…For a little boy (which is what I think you’re having) I like the vintage sports theme. I say this only because it is similar to what we are doing for baby Jackson. It is super easy to find things to fit with the theme and it’s a theme that you don’t need a lot for to carry it out. Sometimes less is more. :)
    I love the pink and gray elephants for a girl. While I don’t think you will need it this time…that’s my vote. :)
    Btw…CUTE furniture! We looked at that set as well. Michael said it was really well built and that’s always a plus considering a lot of it is just slapped together these days…

  4. I am the same way on the matchy matchy nursery themes--but am having such a hard time narrowing down what I want for the bedding! Good luck on your choices..when do you find out what you're having?

  5. I like the vintage sports theme because I'm super sentimental and love the idea of using your hubby's equipment!..for the girl, definitely the first one. The colors and prints are something that can grow with baby and you don't have to worry about getting tired of a theme!

  6. I'm with you. I typically don't prefer themes. But with that said, I'm also for practical!! Of the boy's I like the first one the best, but personally I wouldn't pay for custom bedding for a nursery, so with that said I like the last one best. For the girl's I like the first one a lot! But I like the light pink in the second one better. I really like pink! I also like the big polka dots. It is very feminine. Something to think about - they tell you not to use a comforter, blanket, etc. with a baby for the SIDS risk. That's why we didn't even purchase one. Also, the bumper *can be* a SIDS risk, but doctors aren't as strict about it as the comforter. I just decided not to get either and use that money towards something else. I bought a "breathable bumper" for when she gets bigger and starts rolling over so that her little limbs don't get stuck in the bars and she doesn't bump her head. :-) :-) Love your choices!!


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