The Milk Jug

When I was a little girl, my parents had an old metal milk jug that sat on our front porch. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a picture of an old metal milk jug on pinterest and the thought of my family's popped into my mind. Immediately I emailed my mom at work and asked her if we still had it. A short time later she wrote back and said she thought we did but told me I'd have to ask Dad what in the world he had done with it. So last week as I was over at the parents house having a Daddy/daughter day, I remembered the jug and asked Dad where it was. To my surprise, he walked right to the corner of the garage and there it sat! I was ecstatic! I asked if I could have it and of course, he was happy to get rid of it. It had sat in that corner for years because as always, Mom didn't want to get rid of anything because "You never know! Someone might want it one day!" Well this time, Mom was right! As soon as I got it in my hands, I set out to work on my newest project.

To begin with the jug was painted red! Here it is in it's original form when Andrew and I were mere toddlers!

At some point throughout the years, Mom and Dad repainted it this greenish color to match what used to be the color of our shutters. This is how I inherited it!

After taking a drill with a steel buffer, a paint scraper, and sand paper to it, I got the jug stripped down to it's original metal. 

Then I coated it with a can of Rustoleum semi-gloss paint

And after a few hours, I added another!

And voila, it was finished! It fits perfectly between the two rocking chairs that I also saved from a life of seclusion in my parents garage! 

I am in love with how it turned out! What do you think!?


  1. Love your milk jug.. it looks so cute between your chairs & love that it's been in your family for so long! We have one in our house that was my grandmother's too!

  2. thanks a lot sara! good luck to you and kevin!!! I cant wait to be able to post some cool things throughout my pregnancy! :) ps - LOVE the jug!

  3. What a cool project Sara! Love that it was something from your childhood and you gave it a new life :) Excited to follow!


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