Milk Jug #2

A few weeks ago, I restored an old milk jug that had been in my family since before my birth. You can see the post about it here. I was completely unsure of how it would turn out but in the end it was perfect and I love looking out on my back porch in the morning and seeing it sit between my two rockers. After getting so many compliments on my handiwork, I decided I wanted to restore another milk jug to sit on my front porch. The problem however was that my parents only had one jug! So I set out to find another one...

To my luck, my cousin and brother in law work for DH Griffin, a large salvage company located within our state. (Side note: They took down the Twin Towers after 911! How cool is that?!). So one day a few weeks ago, I shot Daniel an email and asked if they ever get milk jugs at the salvage yard. To my happiness, he replied that people bring them in every day! I asked what it would cost for me to purchase one and he figured a few bucks. So I asked him to look for one in good condition and told him if he found one to get it for me and I'd pay him back. Within about five minutes, he sent me an email saying he'd found one, sent me a picture of it, and asked if I wanted it! And needless to say...of course I did!

That night he brought it home to me and I wanted to start on it right away! Unfortunately, one thing after the other has occurred since that Friday night several weeks ago and I am just now having time to work on it. But thanks to my patience, it turned out pretty perfect as well!

Here is the jug prior to working on it!

 I love that you can see the "New England Dairies" label

After using a steel buffer, sanding it, and placing 3 layers of paint on it...here it is!
I just love how it turned out. 

Before & After!

Because it's going to sit on my front porch as a planter, I decided to place our address numbers on it! I thought it would add the perfect little touch. What do you think?

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