Gotta Love a Good Vacay!

Yep, I've gone and done it again! I have gone far too long without blogging. But this time is different; this time I have a reasonable excuse. For the last week, I've been vacationing at Myrtle Beach with the people I love!

Last week Kevin and I headed to the beach with his family for their annual July vacation. As usual the trip was a blast. We shared lots of laughs with the whole crew and made lots of memories! And as always this trip was also filled with interesting events.For instance, this year Kevin and I shared a bed with Kevin's brother and his girlfriend. Yes, you've got it...four people were sleeping in the same bed! It was something to say the least but we made do! I also got sun poisoning on our trip which was extremely weird. I've spent my whole summer in the sun and haven't burnt once. Yet, by our second day at the beach, I developed sun poisoning without even having a sunburn! I've never had it before and I hope to never have it again. That stuff is no joke! I've never itched so much in my life! Thank the Lord for the makers of Benadryl!

All in all, it was probably one of the best vacations that we've all taken as a family. While on vacation we soaked up some sun, floated the lazy river, played putt putt, took in a movie, celebrated the hubby's 29th birthday, had dinner out each night at some of our favorite restaurants, went ziplining, played bingo, did a little shopping, spoiled our niece absolutely rotten, and overall just enjoyed ourselves! I mean can it get any better than that?

And of course you guys know I'll leave you with some pictures (:

Me & my birthday boy (:

The brother in law and his 2 pound hamburger! No joke!

Dinner oceanside! (: It was sooo romantic!

Aunt Brooke with Samantha! Is she not a doll baby?! One proud auntie right here!

Pool day!

The hubby ziplining across Barefoot Landing!

The gorgeous sunset on the way home! Don't you just love God's masterpieces!

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