You Are Never Too Old to Be Silly

Last Friday night Kevin and I got home pretty late because of his softball game (which he won by the way!). Because his game was at 9 that evening, we ended up going to eat at 7 with his brother, his girlfriend, and Kevin's cousins (Emily, Daniel, and Baby Sam) at Fursty's. So when we arrived home after the game, we found ourselves in the kitchen trying to find a midnight snack. After roaming our pantry looking for "something good", we finally settled on a healthy choice of chocolate cupcakes with that thick white icing from Walmart (my favorite!). I told Kev to get some napkins while I poured us some drink. But when I poured us a glass of tea and turned around, Kevin had devoured half of his cupcake in one bite and his mouth and fingers were covered in a glob of white icing! It was a sight! I couldn't say a word I just immediately started laughing while Kevin just stood there with his big grin and his "what did I do?" expression. But after a moment, he ended up bursting out laughing too. In our fit of laughter, he grabbed me and tried to rub all of that glob of icing on me. And what do you know? He succeeded! My face and arms were covered in icing! Then I looked at him laughing and said, "It's on!" The next thing I know, he takes off running and I start chasing him. For at least five minutes (no lie!), he and I chased each other around the first floor of our house. Lord knows what that scene looked like to the people who road down the road since our blinds were all open and the lights were on. I know they could see me in a maxi dress and Kevin in his softball uniform chasing each other round and round the house like a bunch of little kids. But you know what, no matter how much we looked like idiots, that was the most fun I have had in years! When I finally got a hold of him, we stood in the middle of the room laughing our heads off. We were so out of breath and were laughing so hard neither of us could speak. I felt just like a kid again.

Then last night as we laid in bed watching some tv before we fell asleep, Kevin rolled over and just randomly started tickling me. He knows I can't stand to be tickled; It's pure torture! But all I could do was laugh and squirm to try to get away from him. He just laughed and laughed. Of course he wasn't laughing quite so much when Rimshot jumped in the middle and started growling at him since he thought that Kevin was hurting me (he's my little protector :P). When Kevin finally stopped I told him I'd get him back and sure enough, I did! When he started to cuddle with me I slipped my hands right up on his rib cage and went to town; then it was his turn to laugh and squirm! When we got done with our little tickle fight we both had tears in our eyes from laughing so much!

As I relive those moments, I get that feeling I had when those events occured. The feeling you get when you really laugh is unbelievable. I can feel my heart swell with love and happiness and I truly feel the joy that I did when I was a kid playing on the playground. I'm reminded of when Oliver Wendell Holmes said "We do not quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing". The truth behind that quote is unreal. So next time you feel like you're getting old and you don't have alot of fun anymore, try acting silly. I promise it will give you a whole new feeling and outlook on life!

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  1. Sara, you are so happy, and I am so glad!! Keep sharing your sweet stories!!


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