I Finally Gave Into the Trend

Its funny that when new styles hit the runway or are seen to be worn by every celebrity, I usually despise them! But then it's funny after seeing that trend for a year, I end up thinking it is cute. I'm not sure if it is because that is all I have seen for a year or if that is just all I have to choose from when I go shopping but in the end I usually give in to the trend. However, there are two trends I have REFUSED to give into; one being shoe boots and the second being maxi dresses. But after last week, I finally gave into the maxi dress.

Last week I went shopping with Aly and of course I have learned if you want someone to talk you out of a purchase, she is not the one to do it. She always ends up talking me into one and last week was no different. On a whim we decided to stop in at a local clothing store. While there Alyson pointed out a maxi dress she had bought the day before. I thought it was cute and told her I was sure it would look great on her but I knew I couldn't wear it. I told her I was sure I would look like a buffoon; especially since I'm so tall. Well that is the wrong thing to say to Aly because then she has to be proven wrong. So next thing I know I'm walking into the dressing room with three different maxi dresses. All the while I was putting the first one on, I complained about how ridiculous I was going to look. But once I had the dress on and I turned around and faced the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. It looked pretty dern good if I say so myself!

When I came out of the dressing room, Aly assured me I had to get it. I told her I would try on the other ones and see which one I liked best because I was trying to save money so I could not get all three. And wouldn't you know it, I liked all three (story of my life!). I stood in the middle of the dressing rooms pondering which one I should purchase. And then Aly stepped in and gave her arguments on why I should purchase all of them! And her reasons were as follows:
1. I had pointed out that I needed more dress clothes to wear when teaching next year and that would qualify as dress clothes. Plus I'd be cute in it!
2. I had pointed out that I wanted more dresses but I was having a hard time finding ones that I liked and that were long enough. She pointed out that it was definitely long enough and when I got on the floor with my kids I didn't have to worry about flashing my kiddos. haha.
3. Each of the dresses I picked out would be appropriate for any season due to their colors so I could get lots of use out of them.
4. They would look super cute with cardigans (which everyone knows I loooove!)
5. And it was something that would be cute to wear out on a date.

And of course she was right about each argument! (Go figure! I really cant take her with me when I go shopping) So in the end, I paid for all three. But I do have to admit I got a great bargain because the dresses were marked down half price then I got an extra 30% off.

And I have to admit, I'm glad I ended up with all three because when I've worn them out I have received lots of compliments and my hubby loves them (which blew my mind away because I just knew he would hate them!). So now, I'm pretty much obsessed with maxi dresses and every time I go to a store I have to look at their selection! But thankfully I have refrained and only purchased one more & I did find it at Walmart so it was really cheap!

See how cute they are!

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