{Thankfulness}: My fiance

For many of you, its probably a shock that he hasn't come sooner, but its Day 4 and its time for me to be thankful for Kevin... not that I'm not thankful for him everyday of course (;

I can't believe how blessed I am that Kevin is in my life. I couldn't have asked God for a more perfect husband (to be)& a better relationship!

I love...
- that he is so hardworking.
- that he is conservative where it counts.
- that he is so family-oriented.
- that he enjoys being with my family.
- the relationship he has with my nephew.
- how he will randomly pick up my nephew from school and take him to eat just to surprise him because he knows he enjoys it.
- that he loves going to church.
- that he stays on me to do things I always should... like say the blessing.. he's always pointing out to me when I don't.
- that he wants us to go to church together.
- that he wants our family to be actively involved in church.
- how he volunteers to bring me food to work when I'm hungry without me having to ask him to.
- that he likes to go out to dinner, movies, ball games, etc. but wants to stay in and cuddle some nights too.
- that he helps me do things around our house.
- that he is so protective over me that no matter how tired he is, he'll go with me somewhere if I'm going to be going in and out of a place by myself late at night.
- that he likes my friends and enjoys hanging out with them.
- that we don't argue.
- that when we do have a disagreement, we just talk about it, without raising voices or getting upset.
- that we give and take equally in our relationship.
- that he really listens to me.
- that right or wrong, he is always honest with me.
- that he is always making me smile.
- that he is always looking for beetle bugs as we go down the road so he can punch me... I usually get them first though :P
- that he is constantly quoting movie quotes or random inside jokes we have.
- that he always wants me to go with him whether its to eat lunch with his friends, take a movie back to the rental place, or just sit with him while he eats dinner downstairs at our house.

The list could go on and on because each day, I discover more reasons why I love him and things I love about our relationship. I'm so thankful God knew just how perfect we were for each other & put us together to become the newest Holt family come May 21st, 2011 <3

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