{Thankfulness}: My Job

When I think of today's economy and the lack of jobs out there, I can't help but thank God for the jobs he has provided me with.

Five years ago, the secretary of my church was retiring. The boards of our church looked and looked for a replacement but no one seemed to want to take the job. My father was on the board of Stewards at the time and I knew they were having a difficult time finding a replacement so I told dad to let them know that I'd fill in until they found someone. The next meeting the board had, Dad mentioned to them what I'd said. The board all agreed that that would be fine and so on January 1, 2006, I took over as the church secretary. I thought it would only be temporary but I guess they stopped looking when I said I'd "fill-in" and now, five years later, I'm still doing the job. And you know something... I LOVE it! It's an absolutely amazing job. I love being able to set my own hours and serve people and the Lord at the same time, & it even pays well (something I didn't know when I volunteered to take over!).

Like alot of people these days, I work two jobs. Yet, unlike a lot of people, both of them are regular working hour jobs and they both pay great!

Two years ago, I decided I wanted another job other than my job at the church. I figured that since I found myself with alot of extra time on my hands, I might as well work another job to make some extra money. So right around the time I made that decision and began looking for a job, I got an email from a girl from one of my classes that said Sylvan Learning Center of High Point was hiring tutors to tutor kids in the SES programs in Guilford County. I figured as an elementary education major, it would provide me with a great opportunity, so I applied for a job. Not an hour after I'd sent in my resume, I was asked to come in for an interview. Two days later, I was hired on the spot.

I am so thankful that unlike many others, I have never had trouble finding work. I'm thankful that God has not only blessed me with one amazing job, but two. I'm also thankful that neither of my jobs require me to work nights or weekends so they never really interfere with my plans (unless something last minute comes up at the church). And I'm thankful that both of my jobs pay very well that I can pretty much afford not only my needs, but also my wants as well.

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