The Fourth: Family, Friends, Food & Fireworks!

For as long as I can remember, my family has hosted all of the cook outs that fall within the summer months. I guess at some point we were designated to do so because of our place at Belews Creek Lake.

So, over the weekend, we hosted a cook out for our ENTIRE family at the lake for the 4th of July. When I say the entire family, thats saying alot because everyone knows that there are alot of Moore's and the family keeps getting bigger! Despite how crowded it was with everyone, we had a blast! Everyone came up Saturday at lunchtime and ate and then had some fun in the water. Thankfully this year, we had 3 boats in the water so pretty much whoever wanted to got out on the lake could! No one really had to wait around for turns like usual!

It seemed that everyone seemed to have a good time up there because when I returned to the lake Sunday morning after church, half the people were still there! Alot of our friends spent the night at our place since my brother stayed over night. Don't ask me where they slept because I have no idea! But I guess they made do!

So Sunday was spent much the same as Saturday. We enjoyed more food, family, friends, and we got to see some more fireworks! I was really looking forward to testing out the new wakeboard but sadly, when one of my friends was trying it out, he broke the rope :( But it was all good, we had fun laughing at him!

I hated that Kevin had to work because he missed out on most of the weekend's fun but he did get to come up Saturday night for a little while. We had fun swinging on the swings down by the lake and sitting on our dock with our feet in the water. I think he now understands why I love the lake so much and why I tell him its my home away from home. Even he mentioned it looked like we'd have to get a boat of our own in the future and I was all up for that! Lord knows I love boats! I guess I'm a true Moore!

Belews Creek (& Duke Power in the background!)... My Home Sweet Home <3

Hudson and his float... they didn't have floats like this when I was a kid!

Sullivan... he's about to get into something!

Jackson was looking for the water.

The triplets enjoyed their boat ride!

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