{Weekend Recap} The BEST Weekend

Girls, we had the absolute BEST weekend. The only thing that could have made it better was if we'd have made it to church on Sunday. Otherwise, it was PERFECT!

Friday after work I headed to my parents' house to pick up Harper doodle. Her school closed last Thursday and Friday due to the high amount of strep, flu, and other viruses that had been running rampant among the students and staff. It was a bit irritating considering it was almost the weekend and they were closed today, but regardless, it wasn't my call and in the end Harper got to spend a day with Nana Linda and Papa Ted (some of her "best friends" as she says) so she was in heaven.

After picking Harper up, we ran around town grabbing some last minute party items for Boston's big day. While at Walmart, I had Harper pick her brother out a present for his birthday and it was so comical. She kept going to items she liked and saying, "I think Brother would like this Mommy". I had to break it to her that Brother wouldn't in fact want a Shopkins or a Pony Pal toy but she did finally pick him out a toy workbench and she was so excited about it. She asked me the whole way home when we could give it to him. 

The rest of the evening was spent finishing up decorating, icing Boston's cakes that I had made Thursday night, and then grabbing dinner with the family before calling it an early night.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for Boston's birthday party. Guests started arriving around 9am and many didn't leave until after 1. The weather was wonderful and we spent as much time outside during the party as we did inside. I'll be sharing a full post on Boston's Wild Rumpus later this week so for now I'll leave you with the collage I shared on instagram and facebook on Saturday afternoon. 

By the time the guests all left, everything was put away, and the house was cleaned, this mama was exhausted. Which meant everyone went down for naps. Which was absolutely heavenly at that moment. 

Since Kevin was off on a Saturday for the first time in months, we headed to Danville for a little family time Saturday night. We grabbed dinner at Outback; ran by Hobby Lobby so I could grab some flowers; and swung by Target to get Harper a few new spring clothes since we weren't exactly prepared for these warmer temperatures in February. 

We didn't end up at home until after 11:30 on Saturday night so we all slept in on Sunday. I had all intentions of getting everyone up and ready for church, but the kids were still exhausted and had horrible colds. In an effort to keep the kids from spreading their germs, we decided to lounge around in our pajamas instead of heading to church. So while the kids played, Kevin and I watched a Hallmark movie from the day before. 

Around lunchtime we got up and got ready. We rode out and picked up some lunch and then headed to Kevin's parents' house where we hung out for a few hours before heading to the grocery store; the least exciting part of our Sunday (the grocery store that is!). 

After unloading the groceries, we decided to head outdoors and went for a stroll through the neighborhood. By the time we got back to the house, Boston was out for the count. While I put him down and started prepping dinner, Kevin and Harper took to the backyard for some trampoline jumping and swinging on the swing set. It was the perfect view from our kitchen window. 

After eating dinner, Harper announced she was tired so she headed to bed early. Kevin and I took the opportunity to cuddle on the couch without toddlers piled up on top of us and we watched yet another Hallmark movie before calling it a night. It couldn't have been any sweeter. 

Here's to hoping your weekend was the BEST one as well! 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Happy birthday to Boston!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Happy birthday to Boston!!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  3. Looks like Boston had a very fun birthday! Happy weekend all around!

    xoxo A

  4. Awwww, sounds like such a great family weekend! Happy Birthday Boston!
    Michelle | She's Not So Basic

  5. Oh Boston's birthday looked like so much fun! Love the balloons!

  6. Boston's party looks so cute, and I love that you let Harper choose a gift for him!


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