Boston's First Birthday Wishlist

With Boston's first birthday party taking place next Saturday, I thought I'd share some of the items on his "wishlist". You'll notice pretty quickly that there aren't many toys on his list. Having just celebrating Christmas, our little guy was blessed with SOOO many toys that we had to put many in storage to pull out as he tired of the ones in the house. That being the case, we hated the thought of people spending money on toys he just didn't need or wouldn't play with all that much. So in lieu of toys, we asked our friends and family to donate some things our little guy could actually use. I'm not sure how much he'll approve of this little list but his parents sure do appreciate it (; 

Boston's First Birthday

Rash Guards + Swim Trunks: Kevin's aunt has a pool and we have all intentions of spending our summer there. That said, our little guy will need quite a few swimsuits and the Cat and Jack line at Target sure doesn't disappoint.

Pajamas: At the end of last season, I scored big on Boston's wardrobe for this summer. I was able to grab tons of shorts and shirts for $1-$2 each piece. However, I didn't get my hands on any pajamas at the end of the season and considering our little guy is busting out of his current ones, I'd say it's definitely something he could use. I'm currently loving all of the three piece options Carter's has to offer. 

Camelbak Kids' Cups: Sippy cups are one of my biggest nightmares. They can't break easily; can't leak; and I like them to all be uniform so I know which pieces go with what. That being said, we decided to skip all of the stage sippy cups for our little guy and jump straight to the Camelbak and Contigo cups for kids. Harper has them and we LOVE them.

Baby WipesDiapersDiaper Pail Refills: We can always use diapers, wipes, and genie refills! And it always makes me sad that no one thinks to give them after you actually have your baby. Any of you mamas feel the same way?

Police Car Cozy Coupe: It might be a toy, but his cozy coupe can be used outdoors. Harper got one for her first birthday and still uses it to this day. Since she has no intentions of sharing hers, and it happens to be pink, this police car themed cozy coupe is just perfect for our little man. And apparently some friends of ours think so too, because they've already purchased it :P

Target Gift Cards: We were blessed to have gotten a convertible car seat for Boston at one of our baby showers. However, we need another one for Kevin's car. Since we hate to ask for a car seat as a gift, gift cards work great to be combined to get our little guy a new seat. And if we get too many gift cards, we can definitely use them to purchase other items he'll be needing throughout the year. 

Well that's his list in a nutshell. We in no way expect our guests to bring our little guy something when they come to his party but so many people ask what he needs so hopefully putting together this little list will help. 

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  1. This is such a great idea! Noah has more toys than he knows what to do with and getting things he actually needs is the perfect 'wish list' (that same car was going to be Noah's only 'toy' also)

  2. Such a cute idea! I see gift guides allllll the time - but I never see them for this age group! I love your ideas :)

    Katie Gibbons / The Kalon Blog

  3. aw so cute! happy early bday to him :)

  4. I love that you did a gift guide for this age group! I have friends with kids who invite me to their parties and I always have a hard time figuring out what gift is age appropriate. Thanks!!

  5. This is super useful - especially because I never know what young kids need. Happy early birthday, Boston!

  6. My brother had one of those little cars growing up too haha, we loved it!

  7. This is such a great idea! I never know what to get for my little cousin.

  8. That is so cute!! Happy First Birthday! :)


  9. So adorable! Cozy Coupe is a must! I had one when I was little and my siblings and I would always play with it. I used it pretty much until my legs got too long to fit in it. haha

  10. This is so helpful – I always struggle what to get my nieces and nephews. I'm like, they don't even understand the concept of presents... so having a guide for every age would be quite helpful.

  11. Great gift guide!! Kids get So many toys and stuffed animals and can never have enough beach hats and rash guards! And they have SO many cute ones out there!


  12. These are so cute! I love buying my cousins books when they're one! I think rash guards are great for any age haha!
    Happy birthday to your little boy!

  13. Target gift cards are a great idea!!

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co


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