{Weekend Recap} A Weekend of Nothing

Happy Monday, girlfriends! I'd love to say I have an exciting weekend recap to share with you all but sadly I don't. And quite honestly that's okay because this weekend was just what we needed. 

Friday we did the usual dinner with my parents and friend, Brittni. Saturday Harper and I spent the day at home while Kevin slept the day away after a long night at work. Sometime around 2pm, Harper finally laid down for a nap and instead of tackling the four loads of laundry that were waiting on me, I decided to lay down and take a nap myself. Best decision ever. Saturday night we finally ventured out of the house and made a quick run to Target to grab Harper this Our Generation doll. Afterwards we grabbed dinner with Brittni, returned home, and called it a night. All before 9pm. And yesterday, we spent the morning at church, followed it up with lunch at my parents, and then spent the afternoon at home snuggling in bed watching Mickey Mouse. Definitely not the most exciting weekend but a good one regardless! 

Hope your weekends were everything that you needed! 

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  1. I love quiet and relaxing weekends like this! I'm SO looking forward to some once the crazy holiday season is over.

  2. We could sure use a few more quiet, relaxing weekends around here. They are few and far between (at least with all four of us, that is!) Glad to hear you got to relax though, mama! Get all the rest in that you can over these next few months;)

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