Not Your Typical Monday.

Today has been very different from most of my Mondays. Most Mondays I roll out of bed around 5:45, get Harper & myself ready, drop Harper off at daycare around 6:45, & arrive at work around 7:10. But today was different. This morning we woke up around 5:20, got ourselves and Harper ready, & then headed out to Greensboro at 5:50am... With no intention of Harper going to daycare or me going to work. 

If you've been following my blog for a while you probably know that Harper, our 8 month old, has been battling ear infections since she was around 4 months old. After taking her to see an ear specialist a few weeks ago, it was decided that Harper needed tubes in both of her ears. At her appointment they discovered that she had lots of fluid on her ears & it was greatly impacting her hearing. As a teacher I know this can create developmental delays so I was all for going forward with the tube process despite her young age. 

The procedure was scheduled for this morning at 7:30am. Though it was requested that we arrive around 6:15. We took the earliest available appointment since Harper couldn't eat after midnight. All in all the procedure went well. She did great up until about 30 minutes before the procedure when her hunger set in. Let's just say by that point I was ready to get the show on the road & I'm sure every one else in pre-op rooms did as well (; 

The surgery lasted about ten minutes. She was put to sleep using laughing gas,  they inserted the tubes, then she was brought back out. Needless to say the anesthesia didn't make her forget she was hungry! Haha by the time we got back to her in recovery she was screaming! But thanks to some pedialite & a forty minute drive home, she's good as gold!!! (: 

Here's a few pictures from our morning! 

Here's to hoping your Monday was a bit more normal than ours (;


  1. Awww, precious little baby! Glad to hear that it went well, and hoping that the tubes will keep her from getting any more of those nasty infections. Caleb has had several of them himself, and if he gets any more, I think our pediatrician will recommend the tubes.

    1. Well if he does recommend tubes, don't worry! It was such a great experience and we've seen a tremendous difference in Harper since she had the procedure done!


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