A Good Ole Fesh Sesh!

So it's Friday and I feel like confessing a few things to you ladies. Confessions are always a good thing, right?

I've been a little too Negative Nelly and not enough Positive Polly lately. It just seems that in our family that when it rains it pours. I mean, I know it seems that way to everyone but in our family, it's true. Want proof, let me show you.
- It all started Labor Day weekend. My husband came home from work in a lot of pain. Come to find out he had a cyst on his lower back that ruptured. We made an appointment for him to see a doctor and to have it removed. Of course, doctors can remove every type of cyst except for one in their office and Kevin would just happen to have that one that they can't. The type of cyst he has goes very deep and has to be surgically removed by an approved general surgeon. So on November 4, Kevin will undergo the "knife" as I like to tell him. He'll be out of work for at least two weeks and a full recovery is going to take close to two months. And have I mentioned that Kevin's work doesn't have sick time?! Thank the Lord for saved vacations. 
- A few weeks after Kevin's doctors appointment, he and his brother were playing on their softball team when his brother was hit straight in the face with a softball. Bryan spent the wee hours of the night in the hospital ER, Kevin spent the wee hours of the night looking for Bryan's front tooth that got knocked out, & I spent the wee hours of the night worried about them all. Thankfully, there was no major damage done but my brother-in-law is having to undergo the expense and pain of having a tooth implant. 
- Then a week or so later, my in-laws had came to watch the boys play ball and as they were leaving they hit a deer. This just so happened to total loss their SUV... the one they use to ride our dog around each day. Yes, my in-laws are so amazing that when they go walk at a local trail, they come pick up our dog each day and walk him too! But now Rimy has no ride and the poor fella just doesn't get the attention and exercise that he deserves. 
- Speaking of Rimy, last week he ran away. We have a fence in our backyard and he decided to dig a hole and get out. It's happened a few times before but he's always came around the house to the front porch but this time he didn't. Kevin and I ended up scaling the neighborhood for an hour calling his name but we had no luck. It just so happened that a friend of mine headed to the walking trail near our house and found him. Of course, he refused to get in her car so she had to ride beside him the whole way down our road. When I saw him coming down the road I couldn't be more excited. Though when I got my hands on him I didn't know whether to hug him because he was home or beat him because he escaped. But I went with the first option. 
- Thanks to our canvasing the neighborhood looking for Rimy, poor Harper got sick for the first time. We were in such a panic trying to find Rimy before it got dark that we had Harper outside in the cool air with no coat. I didn't even think about it until we got back home. I thought we'd escaped the sickness but then over the weekend she started coming down with a cold. Then on Monday, Kevin got a call from her daycare telling us to come pick up Harper doodle because she was running a fever of 101.4. We ended up taking her to the doctor that afternoon and they diagnosed her with bronchitis :( It broke this mama's heart. 
- And last but not least, just yesterday, my in-laws' car caught on fire. Though the story is amusing as to how it all happened, it wasn't funny at the time. We're just thankful no one was hurt and the car didn't explode!

Now you see what I mean?! One thing after another. So when it seems like it's all falling apart, it's hard to be Positive Polly but I'm working on it. I truly am. 

Since Thursday, my heart has been heavy. On Thursday afternoon, I attended a conference with my principal and several teachers from my school. As we were fixing to leave, our principal stopped us and told us she needed to tell us something. We were in no way prepared for the information she delivered. One of our coworkers husband had been killed in a fatal car accident that morning while she was at home sick. They had been married for less than five years. As I left our conference, I sat in my car and wept. I prayed for Tiffany and her family. I can't imagine what she is going through. The thought that that could very well have been my husband, made me feel like I couldn't breath.

In that moment, I realized that life can change in a split second. In that moment, I realized that all of Kevin's "flaws" were unimportant. I realized our arguments over little things are unimportant. I was burdened by the fact that so often I get mad at Kevin and leave to head to work with hardly a kiss or a word goodbye so that he'll know he messed up. I'm ashamed to admit it but it's true. What if that had been Kevin? What if our last words were unkind ones? It makes you think. It really does. I've never been more anxious to get home and just hug my family and never let go. I've never been more aware of my actions as a wife. I've definitely got a lot of work to do! 

But onto a happier note, I may or may not have sat down this week and did Harper's Christmas list. I've been collecting items from consignment sales for a while but wanted to pick her up a few new items as well. What's on her list so far you might ask?
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Table (purchased at a consignment for less than $10)
Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper  (purchased at a consignment for less than $10)
Plush Rainbow Stackers (purchased at a consignment for less than $10)

What's on your little lady or little man's Christmas list? Any toys that are must haves that I should know about?

Speaking of Christmas, have I mentioned that I've already started picking up Christmas decor? Well, I have and it's become an addiction. I haven't even decorated my house completely for the fall yet and here I am now already wanting to bust out the Christmas containers and start decorating. But I'll try to at least wait until Thanksgiving passes... but only because I'll be using rustic decor this year so that I can leave my decorations out until at least February. If I start taking them out now, I'll be tired of them before February rolls around.

Before Harper was born, I created a to-do list with all of the things I hoped to accomplish or figure out before she was born. Thankfully, I completed almost all of that list; despite how long it was. However, there was one thing that never did quite get tackled and that was cleaning out and organizing our garage. When we first moved into our house, everything got shoved in our garage to keep it from getting messed up outside. Over time we slowly worked our way through most of the boxes and began to bring things into our house or sort things into containers to store in one of our two outbuildings. Unfortunately, we never did quite finish that task and there are a number of boxes that still need to be gone through even now, three years later. There are things that we weren't sure where to put, wedding presents we didn't quite need, decorations we ran out of room for, things Harper has outgrown or still needs to grow into, things we might use "later", things someone else might use one day, things from both of our childhoods... things, things, things. It's overwhelming. Its become so cluttered that each day as I pull my car in and out of the garage, I just groan at all of the clutter. Literally, the thought of it makes me sick. I've come to the point that I just want to toss everything in the back of the truck and haul it off to Goodwill just so I don't have to see it. But of course that isn't reasonable and I need to take the time to go through it. So my task for this weeked, is to get it done. Just as soon as I figure out where to begin...

Thanks for listening ladies! Until next time...

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  1. I know what you mean sweet girl - I've been letting life get me down lately, too and am working very hard to be a little more "Positive Polly" myself instead of Debbie Downer. I am just such a worrier and let stress affect me too much. It's bad!

    So sorry to hear about your husband's cyst, brother-in-law's tooth, co-worker's husband (brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it), Harper's bronchitis (poor little thing!), and your in-laws cars. Goodness! You are right - when it rains, it does pour.

    On the bright side - I am SO glad that your dog was found and is ok. And so glad that you are taking the positive from all of this. Proud of you for that!

    PS: Caleb has the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn puppy and loves it! (They have the Laugh and Learn girl puppy too so you may want to check her out for Harper!) He is getting the Stride to Ride, Poppin Pals, some movies for our Disney collection (we pick them up as them come out of the vault) and a few other toys along with some clothes for Christmas this year. Nothing too big! But we know the grandparents are going to go crazy, so we are holding off a bit on buying too much, lol!


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