Weekend Recap

Friday morning our little Harper doodle had her two month check up. Those of you with babies know that this is not a fun visit. Unfortunately, of all days, Kevin had a doctor's appointment that morning too so he couldn't come with me. Harper ended up with a liquid vaccine and three shots, one in one thigh and the other two in the other thigh. It was quite amusing at first because she was laughing and babbling for the first shot but about the time the nurse started the second, it finally hit her what had happened seconds before. She went from happy to screaming baby in 0.01 seconds flat! If only I could have gotten it on video. 

After her appointment, we headed to lunch at my in-laws. As we were eating, I had left Harper in her seat since she was sleeping. Halfway in the middle of downing my homemade soup, I glanced over and saw her just sitting in her seat, quiet as could be with tears streaming down her face and that bottom lip poked out. It broke this mama's heart. I immediately jumped up, forgetting my lunch altogether, and took out my baby to snuggle with her for as long as she would let me. Which was pretty much all day which was fine with this mama and her daddy.

Later in the evening, we ventured out for our usual Friday night dinner with Kevin's family and some of our friends. However, Harper started running a fever shortly before we arrived, so it wasn't an enjoyable dinner as we worried about our baby girl. I mean look at that face. It's absolutely heartbreakingly pitiful!

At some point over the night, Harper's fever broke. (Yay for Little Tummies pain reliever and fever reducer. I recommend it to all mommies!) Kevin and I woke up to her just babbling away to herself. Since she was in such a good mood, we got her up and put her in the bed with us. We spent most of the morning laying in the bed with her and Rimy just talking and playing away. I couldn't imagine spending my Saturday morning any other way!

Shortly before lunch, my mother in law came over and watched Harper so Kevin and I could spend the day together. Something we hadn't been able to do in a while! Most sane people would choose their time away from baby to go out to a movie or a nice dinner, but instead we headed to the tanning salon and then hit up the gym together. Crazy I know, but working out together is something we both took for granted before Harper arrived. I didn't realize how much I missed working out with the hubs until we went Saturday. Typically if we both want to go to the gym, one person stays home with Harper while the other person goes. Then we switch when the first person is done. 

After our intense workout, we hit up a local Mexican restaurant for some lunch. Kevin's brother joined us and we had fun catching up and carrying on. But by the time the check arrived, I was anxious to get home to my baby even though I knew she was in good hands.

Saturday night we headed to High Point to have dinner at Steak Street with my sister and brother in law. Steak Street is a delicious steak restaurant that costs an arm and a leg to eat at; hence why we only eat there when a Groupon becomes available :P We stuffed ourselves on a barbeque chicken pizza as an appetizer, bread, salads, and steaks! It was delicious but I think I put all of that post baby weight back on from just our one meal!

After we ate, we headed over to my best friend's house to pick up Harper. She and her fiance, who happens to be my cousin, asked if they could watch Harper for the evening since we were eating just a mere ten minutes from their house. We agreed and it was nice to have a dinner baby free despite how much I missed our baby girl.

We didn't get home from hanging out and  picking up Harper at Alyson and Clint's until close to 1am Sunday morning. Sadly and inexcusably, we didn't make it to church. By the time we got up it was after 10am so we decided to beat the church crowd and go on and do our grocery shopping for the week. 

After we hit up the grocery store, we headed to my parents house for our usual Sunday lunch. We spent most of the afternoon there. It's hard to get away early from their house these days as everyone wants to love on Harper... but we wouldn't have it any other way.

By the time we got home and did some cleaning and straightening up, most of the day was gone. Kevin had agreed to go to the movies with his Dad and brother so Harper and I crashed at the house for the rest of the evening with my mother in law. We had fun talking, reminiscing, and planning for our upcoming beach trip!

All in all, it was another perfect weekend. Too bad it has to end so quickly!


  1. Harper is just too cute! And can't believe how big she's getting! Glad to hear that she's feeling better - we have our two month appointment this Friday, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I will absolutely be that Mama all huddled up in a puddle of tears when Caleb starts crying...I have a feeling I will react worse to seeing it than he will to feeling it!

  2. oh, shots are the worst! It's horrible hearing your sweet little baby cry and not be able to do anything to help them! How sweet that you were able to get some cuddle time with her afterwards though... the tears. so sad. I'm glad she is feeling better now!


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