Baby Bargains

When moms say they'd rather spend money on their kids instead of themselves, they aren't kidding. Before Harper was born, I loved to shop for myself. I'd spend my entire Saturday perusing sales rack after sales rack looking for a good bargain. But once Harper doodle arrived,  that changed. I still shop just as often but instead of looking for bargains for myself, I head straight to the baby sections and look for bargains for our baby girl.

With the holiday sales going on over the weekend, I hit up quite a few stores and scored big time. As I've mentioned before, Harper has an abundance of clothes. However, she doesn't have many bigger sizes that would carry her over until next year. So with the summer clearance sales going on, I stocked up on items for Harper to wear next year. And by stocking up, I mean she has an entire wardrobe!

Here are some of the bargains I snatched up!

I was a bit unimpressed with Carter's sales. Their fall stuff was actually on sale for less than a lot of the summer clearance items. But despite that fact, I snatched up a few cute items for Harper!
White blouse with khaki flowers: $5; Tees: $3; Yellow flamingo print shorts: $5; Turquoise knit shorts: $4; Romper: $6; Pajamas: $8

Summer dresses were on clearance for $3 each!

Peaches & Cream
 They were clearing out their summer inventory to make room for the fall and winter things. 
Outfits were $10 and bathing suits were $5

Osh Kosh was by far my favorite bargain spot! And to think that I almost didn't stop there because usually their prices are sort of high. ha! The majority of their summer things were marked down from $2-$5 and you got an additional 30% off on top of that. And did I mention for every $50 you spent, you got a $10 off coupon? Told you I scored big! In addition to these outfits, I got two more shirts... all for a total of $57... $47 if you consider the $10 gift card!

Dress: $3; Tanks: $2; Blouses: $3; Tees: $2-4; Knit shorts: $2; Denim & Yellow Shorts: $4; Skirts: $2!!

Any of you other mamas find any bargains over the weekend? If so where? And for all of you mamas out there, most of these sales are still going on so be sure to check them out!


  1. I'm the SAME way! I told my husband that just the other day - that I don't even bother looking for me anymore (and I used to love, love, love shopping for me). But now, it's all about baby. We found some great deals at our local Belk and Dillards. I normally don't go there because it's pretty pricey, but we snatched up some adorable stuff (6 outfits for less than $40). Then we hit up the local TJ Maxx and got another few outfits for $15. And Target has been doing a lot of baby clearance lately, so we got several pairs or pjs and some play clothes for less than $15. I need to go back out though and stock up on some bigger sizes like you did. I mostly picked up 6-9 month items, but Calebs going to need some 12-18 month outfits for next summer and into fall, so that's what I will be looking for next! Love all the presh stuff you found for Harper:)

  2. i must say there are a lot more cute things for girls than boys. skirts and ruffles and butterflies and tu tu's... hrumph. :) great finds!


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