(Monthly Recap}: Two Months

At your two month check up, you weighed in at an even 12 pounds and were 23 inches long. Hence why you've earned the nickname "Chunky Monkey". Over this last month, we can truly see where you've gained weight. You are quickly filling out and starting to get little rolls here and there. By next month, I'm wondering if you're going to still have wrists and ankles? But don't worry, that's when Mommy thinks babies are the cutest!

Your Daddy and I have been blessed to have such a healthy baby. You spit up quite frequently but your pediatrician said that he wasn't worried about it because from the looks of you, it wasn't affecting your nutrition. Sorry baby girl, even he was implying you're chunky! haha We meet with the pediatric nephrologist in a few weeks to check on your kidneys. However, you are still peeing quite frequently so Mommy and Daddy are pretty sure your kidneys and bladder have corrected themselves. If they haven't, we'll be quite shocked!

When you were almost six weeks old, on June 22nd to be exact, you slept through the night for the first time! It scared me to death when I woke up at 6am and realized I'd never gotten up to feed you. I woke you up to make sure you were still breathing. You weren't happy that I yanked you up but Mommy has never been happier to hear you fuss! It took you until you were seven weeks old to start sleeping through the night consistently though. But once you made it a habit, Daddy and I transitioned you into your crib in your own room. The first night you spent in your room was super hard for Mommy. You slept like a champ but I didn't. I kept your video monitor next to me and I woke up to every sound you made. Even Rimy did too!

Your big brother was so worried about you. He kept running from our room, to your room, then downstairs, and back up to complete the whole room search all over again. I couldn't figure out what he was doing until I caught sight of him looking in your bassinet. Poor thing couldn't find you. He could hear you on the monitor in our bedroom but couldn't find you where you normally slept. So then he'd go in your nursery where he could hear you too but with your crib bumper he couldn't see you so he thought you weren't there either. So then he'd take off downstairs to check out your play mat, swing, and pack in play. He got so worried that he couldn't find you that he actually made himself sick. Poor doggy!  When you finally woke up the next morning and I got you up, he stayed right next to you wherever I took you and put you down! He refused to let you out of his sight! I definitely think you two will be best friends one day!

I don't want to start you on a set routine until closer to when I head back to work and you head to daycare (cue tears!). The reason being that I don''t want to establish your routine and then have to up and change it due to the daycare's routine. So for now you're still dictating when you want to do what. But for the most part, you've got yourself on your own little schedule and our days look pretty much the same, give or take an hour or two. Typically, you sleep from 11pm to 9am (occasionally waking up sometime between 4 & 7am wanting to eat again). At 9am, you get your diaper changed and a bottle. From about 9-12, you play on Mommy and Daddy's bed or downstairs on your playmat. At noon you eat again and go down for about a thirty minute nap in your swing. Then you'll play again until around 3 and then it's time for another bottle. After which, you'll take a nap till about 5; though you fight this nap with all of your might! Once you wake up around 5, you get a bath and then a bottle. Then you're perfectly content to hang out downstairs while Mommy cooks dinner. You then fall asleep on your own around 7 and wake up sometime around 8. Then from 8-11 you hang out with Daddy and he feeds you your last bottle and puts you to bed! All in all, it's a pretty nice schedule and works out great... unless you decide you want to fight your sleep most of the day and not nap!            
Even though you're our little chunky monkey, you're still in a size 3 months and from the looks of it, you will be for a few more weeks. Most of your 3 months outfits, still allow you quite a bit of moving room; unless we're talking sleepers or onesies! Mommy washed most of them and the cotton drew up :( But regardless, I'm glad you're still wearing 3 months clothes because we have more in that size than in any other. Thankfully, you've been able to wear just about every outfit you have in that size with the exception of a few that are still hanging with tags. But by the end of next week, you should have worn them all so no one's money will have gone to waste! That makes Mommy happy!

You're in size 1 diapers currently but I'm worrying how much longer you'll be in them. My guess is by the time you hit 3 months or a short time after, we'll be in size 2's. Taylor, my coworker, told me that it seems that babies stay in newborn diapers forever but once they hit size 1's, they're only in them for a few weeks and then they're moving up to size 2's. Apparently, she wasn't kidding. Looks like I'm going to have a cart full of diapers to exchange at Walmart in a matter of a few weeks!

You're still on Newborn Enfamil. Over the last couple of weeks, you've been spitting up quite a bit with it though. Your pediatrician suggested us adding a little rice to your bottle to see if that helps. We'll start it this month. If it doesn't work, we'll look at putting you on a thicker formula when you turn three months.

Baby Gear Love
- We love your Fisher Price Luv Zoo Musical play mat. It's seriously the biggest lifesaver. We can put you on it and you're perfectly happy to hang out and play on it for a few hours a day. You love staring at the lights, batting the toys, and watching yourself in the hanging mirror.
- We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing and you spend as much time in it as you do on your playmat. You love staring at yourself in the mirror (I'm seeing a pattern here with you and mirrors!) or watching the bird mobile go around and around. Most of your naps are taken in this during the day. If you're fussy, I usually pop you in it, turn on the mobile, and you're out like a light in no time. Definitely one of Mommy's favorite items in the house! Without it, I'm not sure how much stuff I'd get done throughout the day!

Girl, you sure do have a temper when you're hungry! If we don't get your food to you fast enough, you start flailing your little arms and legs all over the place, you turn beat red, and your mouth is open so wide that I can see your tonsils rattle when you're screaming! It's quite amusing. One day I'm going to record it and put it on here. But besides that, you're pretty mellow. You get fussy when you're tired or when you need to be burped. Otherwise, you laugh, coo, and carry on as a happy baby for the rest of the day!

We've had quite a lot of milestones this month. As I mentioned earlier, you started sleeping in your crib in your own big girl room!  This month your personality has really came out. You truly are such a happy baby. You love for people to talk to you. When they do, you smile really big and try to talk back. You've also learned how to grab a hold of objects and you've been learning about cause and effect. When you were only five weeks old, you discovered that if you hit one of the toys on your play mat, it would move. Since then, you love to bat and swat at it with your little hands. When it swings back and forth, you grin real big and get so excited! But even though you are a happy baby 95% of the time, you've learned to stiffen up your back when you get mad or you don't want to do something the other 5%. Mommy and Daddy joke with you about how that is okay to do right now since you don't know better, but when you get older, you'll get a spanking for it! We'll see if that happens or not! haha Oh and did I mention that you've discovered the power of your bottom lip? Well you have. You pop it out and instantly you get whatever it is you want. Daddy says its going to get him into trouble one of these days!

-You love attention. You'll make random loud noises just to gain people's attention. Once you get their attention, you turn into quite the little ham. You smile, coo, and talk to the people surrounding you... instantly making them fall in love with you.
-You also discovered your hands this month and you're fascinated by them. You love balling your hand into a fist and just staring at it. If you aren't staring at it, you're trying to chew on it.
- You still love your bath time. I think it's your favorite part of the day. As soon as I lay you on the bathroom floor to undress you, you start smiling just like you know what's coming next. As soon as I put you in your tub, you wiggle and squirm until you can just about get your whole body under water. I'm constantly having to scoot you back up so you won't have your ears under the water. But each time I slide you up, you wiggle those little legs until you can get your body back down. Your grandma finds it quite amusing; and so do I!
- Daddy got you hooked on tv! You'll sit with him all evening just watching tv like you understand all thats being said and going on. My guess is the movement and colors fascinate you. But then again, you've come to love sitting up instead of laying down, so it could just be the fact that it allows you to sit up for a long period of time!

- This month, you decided you weren't a fan of naptime anymore. You nap great in the morning but by the time your evening nap rolls around, you decide the naptime thing is for the birds. You'd rather stay up and check things out than close those eyes. Sometimes you and I battle but Mommy's figured out a little walk around the house, a quick stroll, or a brief car ride will get you to give up the fight in no time!
- You do NOT like having to wait for your bottle. If you're hungry you want it NOW! If it doesn't come when you want it, you don't mind throwing a tantrum to let us know you aren't happy. But thankfully, thats the only time you really scream and yell.


  1. I'll be right there with you at the Walmart exchanging the diapers, lol! We've got a closet full of size 1's and I am starting to doubt that we are going to need them much longer!!!

    Chubby little baby rolls are the sweetest! Caleb is a chunky monkey too, just like Harper! He's in 3 month clothes now too (though some of them seem way too big, while others are just right and won't fit him much longer - so weird!) Here's a tip - wash the clothes that shrunk again, and when they come out of the machine, gently stretch them. Pull each leg and each arm. I accidentally washed some of Caleb's clothes on a warm cycle, but was able to stretch them back out so that they fit him perfectly again. It sounds crazy, but trust me, it works!!!

  2. she is so cute!! and I agree with you, I love the little baby rolls at a couple months old, so sweet!


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