An Update on "The Before Harper Arrives" to do list

A few weeks ago, I posted my to do list of things I wanted to accomplish before Harper arrives. I struggled with whether to share it but I hoped that by doing so, I'd be more likely to work on it. Thankfully, I was right and I've done a great job at staying on top of my to do list and I've been able to get quite a few things marked off. Here is currently where we stand!

Harper's Nursery
Decide on and purchase Harper's furniture (bed, dresser, and chest) (Purchased the Adele Caffe Collection from Babies R Us)
Decide on and purchase Harper's bedding (Decided on the Cocalo Couture "Delilah" collection and purchased it)
Decide on and purchase a rocker and glider for Harper's nursery (Hubby's request) (Purchased from a lady on craigslist! Score for a great deal on an unused rocker and glider!)
Decide on and purchase a wall decal for above Harper's bed (Found an adorable decal on ETSY, purchased it, and hung it!)
- Purchase curtains for Harper's room (decided on red, floor length curtains; purchased them; & hung them)
- Determine what to place above Harper's dresser (Thanks to my friend Lauren, we created a mirror and picture gallery; painted the frames; and it's now hung!)
- Clean out the closet in Harper's nursery
- Install a bottom shelf rack in Harper's closet for two rows of clothing (Thanks to my Daddy for installing a new closet shelf for Harper's closet!)
Order closet clothing dividers to match Harper's bedding (Purchased from ETSY and placed in Harper's closet)
- Organize and group Harper's clothing by size in her closet and drawers (We've organized and put away all of the clothes that Harper has currently received)
- Decide on what to do with Harper's growing book collection... bookshelf or baskets? (I brought home the cube shelf from my classroom after another teacher so graciously donated a bigger cube shelf for me to use in my classroom)
- Decide on what to keep Harper's toys in... basket or bins on a bookshelf? (Purchased some adorable chalkboard baskets to hold her toys in!)

- Clean out all of our closets and get rid of unused clothes, shoes, and other items (We have officially cleaned out all of our clothes closets and drawers and the items have all been donated!)
- Take a trip to Goodwill or Salvation Army and make a donation of everything unused or unwanted 
- Clean out and organize storage shelves in the garage
- Organize and clean out our two storage buildings
- Deep clean the entire house over Spring Break (scrub and polish floors, wipe down baseboards/window seals/blinds, dust all furniture, vacuum, clean carpets, etc)
- Remove everything from the refrigerator and freezer and wipe down the inside (Our refrigerator and freezer look brand new after I took every.single.item out and wiped down and sanitized the drawers and shelves)
- Clean out freezer, refrigerator, and pantry and throw out old items (After throwing out all of the outdated items, items that have been opened for a while, and items that we just weren't going to eat...we definitely need to make a large trip to the grocery store!)
- Tear down wallpaper in the kitchen and have the kitchen painted
- Have fence and deck stained
- Have yard landscaped

- Lexus: Have mine washed, waxed, and detailed (closer to Harper's arrival)
- Isuzu: Clean out and have washed, waxed, and detailed (closer to Harper's arrival)
- Mustang: Clean out and have it thoroughly washed
- Corvette: Have it washed (though we won't be driving it for a while! haha)
- Decide whether to trade in the Mustang and Isuzu for Kevin to get a new SUV or keep what we have After much debate, we decided to tune up the Isuzu and drive it until it quits. Then we'll look at trading it and Kevin's mustang in for a new 4Runner or Explorer for Kevin to drive.

Research products to register for (After talking to many of our friends and family who are new mamas, we had a great idea of what essentials to register for, things that were nice to have, and things that just weren't necessary! It made registering so much less overwhelming!)
Complete Harper's baby registry (I went and registered for Harper with my best friend in January. Since then I've probably added and deleted items twenty five times online but I think I can say that I'm officially done with the registry list!)
Purchase a professional grade camera  (Hubby purchased me a new NIKON D5100 for Christmas! )
Pre-register at the hospital (Harper is officially registered at the hospital. We just have to send in her birth certificate information)
Decide on which baby classes to take and register for them (We are officially registered for a birth and baby class and two breastfeeding classes that we'll be taking in April)
- Take one last vacation before Harper arrives

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  1. Wow you have got a lot done on your list!! Awesome

  2. Yea! I feel like we're on the same page with everything. Where did you get your chalkboard baskets?

    1. I purchased the Smith & Hawken chalkboard baskets at Target. They still carry them in stores and you can also purchase them online. I ended up loving them so much that I went and purchased some for other rooms in the house! haha

      Since Smith & Hawken doesn't make little baskets, I purchased some wicker cube baskets that matched and just purchased chalkboard tags from Hobby Lobby and attached them to the baskets. They turned out great (:


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