32 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 32 weeks

Baby Size: According to my BabyBump App, Harper should be the size of large jimaca...whatever the heck that is. It says in everyday terms, she is around 16.7 inches and weighs about 3.75 pounds. From what we found out from our doctor's appointment last week, she's right on schedule with our baby app. She weighed in at 3 pounds and 12 ounces and she's currently in the 76th percentile for her weight. 

Total Weight Gain: Well I'd gained 25 pounds at my appointment last week because I'd retained more water. However, Wednesday night, I came down with food poisoning and spent three days in bed sick as a dog and not eating at all and barely getting a whole glass of drink down a day. With that said, I dropped about 5 pounds, so now I'm back down to about 20-22 pounds after shedding most of that water weight!! 

Maternity Clothes: Well after my bout with food poisoning last week, my maternity clothes are a bit big again so I'm able to go a bit longer with my pre-maternity wardrobe. Even luckier for me is we've had quite a lot of warm weather here in NC over the last week so I've been fortunate enough to be able to break out my maxi dresses and maxi skirts. FYI, they fit wonderfully over pregnant bellies! But despite being able to stretch out my pre-maternity wardrobe for a bit longer, I did break down and spend some birthday money over the weekend on some more maternity tops. I'm sure in the next few weeks my weight is going to be picking back up and I figure I might as well look cute in some of the cute spring fashions. Plus it helped that Motherhood was having a huge buy one get one 50% off sale. I'm a sucker for a good bargain (;

Stretch Marks? I still haven't spotted any! Fingers crossed ladies...fingers crossed!

Sleep: With the exception of having spent three days holed up in bed from being sick, I've actually slept pretty good over the last week. I just hope it continues!

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our little Harper doodle's face! Last Wednesday we had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound scheduled to see Harper. It just so happened to be my birthday and Harper made sure to give me the most amazing birthday present ever. For the first time, Harper kept her hand away from her face and let us get a good glimpse of her precious chubby little cheeks. She even shot us a giant smile! Ahhh! My heart melts just thinking about it! 

Miss Anything? Nothing at this moment! 

Movement: Harper has moved a ton over the last week; though most of her movement occurred while I was sick. Apparently, when you're sick, your baby is expected to move a whole lot more due to all of the noises going on in your belly. I'd vouch that there is complete and total truth to that because Harper didn't sit still for more than five minutes the first day I was sick as a dog! Now that I'm feeling better, she's calmed down quite a bit but she still gives me one of her soccer kicks whenever she thinks I've forgotten about her!

Food Cravings: After being sick, Gatorade was the only thing that made the list this week!

Gender: A precious baby girl

Labor Signs: None since last week!

Symptoms: My acid reflux has made a complete comeback. The Zantac 150 is still working, I'm just finding that I'm having to take it a lot more frequently than I was. I'm also having to keep some TUMS on me again at all times.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Mood: Excited

Looking Forward to: Our baby shower this weekend! Kevin's family is hosting our first baby shower at our house this Saturday. I can't wait to see all of the cute things little Miss Harper doodle is going to be showered with!


  1. Boo for food poisoning, but yay for birthdays and a glimpse of sweet Harper! I loved maxi dresses when I was pregnant with Londyn Grace!

    1. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts have become some of my favorite closet staples (:

  2. So sorry you were sick last week :( but so happy you got to see Harper on your birthday!


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