Gender Predictions

Tomorrow is the BIG day! 
We'll finally know if Baby Holt is a he or a she. 

Up until this week, I thought I could go my entire pregnancy without knowing if Baby Holt was a girl or boy. I know, I know! People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that but I'm just as shocked as you and the rest of them are. Growing up, I always thought I'd be dying to know what I was having the moment I found out I was pregnant. However, I found that quite the opposite was true. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I no longer cared if I had a boy or girl. I was just happy to be having a baby. But now that the day is almost here, I'm getting pretty excited to find out if Baby Holt is indeed a he or a she and I'm not sure that I could go the whole time without knowing.  Though when asked what I hope it is, I still say I don't care because I'm just happy that God blessed me with the ability to have a baby and that's the honest truth. I'd love to have a daughter and a son so either works for me. I suppose I'll be able to tell you what I'd like to have the second go round (: But we'll see. I haven't gotten the first one here yet so whose to say there will be another. haha

Anyways, in lieu of tomorrow's events, I decided to look up a few old wive's tales...even though none of them are proven to have any absolute truth. But it's still fun!

What the old wive's tales say

Is the heartbeat above or below140?
Above... The first time we went, Baby Holt's heartbeat was around 174 and the second time it was at 153. 

Are you craving sweet or salty?
Salty without a doubt! This baby loves pizza and McDonald's french fries! I'd say thats a boy's diet if I've ever heard of one!

What does the Chinese Gender Chart say? 

Are you having morning sickness, yes or no?
I got nauseated at the beginning but I never threw up. So I guess that would qualify as a no. Though some doctors say that if nausea is still considered morning sickness so depending on how you take it this could mean yes

Do you have headaches, yes or no? 
For about two weeks, I had them almost everyday. But I didn't have them before or after so I'm not sure what this qualifies as but for the heck of it, I guess we'll say yes

Do you sleep on the right or left side? 
Ha this makes me laugh because I toss and turn all night so I can't really give you an honest answer. But if I had to narrow it down, I'd say I typically sleep more on the left

Are you carrying the baby high or low?
I guess you could say high. However, the doctor told me due to the fact that I have a tilted uterus and very tight abs, the baby would be carried high because it didn't have a choice. So you might as well disregard this question. lol

What my class says
Earlier this week, I had my class cast their votes for what they thought Baby Holt was going to be. In the end, the vote was 4 for a girl and 18 for a boy.  I have a very smart class so we'll see if the majority was correct (:

What the hubby says

Up until last week, the hubby was sure that we were having a girl. When asked why he thought that it was a girl he always had one of two responses. One was "I just do" and the other was, "Well it's just me and Bryan so since Mom had two boys, we'll end up having all girls". I just laughed and told Kevin just because his parents had two boys didn't mean we wouldn't end up with a boy. It took him awhile but he finally changed his mind and announced to me at dinner a few weeks ago that he now thought we were having a son though again he didn't know why he thought that. 

What I think

When I was about five or six weeks pregnant, a friend of mine and I were talking as we were walking out of TJ Maxx. As we headed to the car, a thought out of no where popped into my mind. It was the strangest thing because we hadn't even been talking about Baby Holt but the thought that I was having a son came out of no where. With that said, I've thought Baby Holt was a boy since about the beginning. 

However, there have been a few times when I've questioned if I believe it's a girl. For instance, when I've dreamed about Baby Holt, it's been a little girl that looks just like her Daddy. And something else that really makes me think I may be wrong is that the day my mother-in-law was going to tell her coworker that I was expecting, her coworker told her that she'd had a dream that my mother in law was holding a little girl in the hospital that had a head full of black hair. It was the strangest thing considering she had no idea Janet was fixing to be a grandmother. 

So for the most part, I'm thinking Baby Holt is a boy but a small part of me thinks Baby Holt might be a girl afterall. But regardless, we'll see tomorrow! 

In the meantime, leave me your prediction (:


  1. I thought girl the entire pregnancy, and I was right. Baby's heartbeat was fast 169 the first visit, 149 the second visit. I crave salty food (pizza and potatos are my fav).. actually sweets are no good to me at all. I too am carrying the baby high because of a tilted uterus. Chinese gender chart was way wrong for me. But you really cant believe the old wives tales, because every woman and every pregnancy is different. God knows what we need. I am so excited for you! This is such a fun time!!

    xoxo Brooke

    1. I've heard mother's intuition about the baby's gender is usually correct! Have you guys picked out a name yet?

    2. no names yet! Cant wait to hear what your little one is!!

  2. I think you're having a boy, by the way! ha left that out. Pregnancy brain is wonderful.


  3. ah! such an exciting time! cant wait to hear!!!!!!

  4. Boy?! However, I was sure Londyn Grace was going to be a boy so I'm probably wrong! Can't wait to hear!

  5. My vote is boy. The french fries gave him away. :)

  6. That was my favorite dr's app!! I am having a boy, so I am guessing boy. P.S. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!!!

  7. I'm a new reader of your blog (a few weeks maybe). I have 3 kids, two boys and then a girl. I craved salty with my boys (french fries and sub sandwiches) and sweets with my girl. I typically hate most sweets but it was not unheard of me having 7 or 8 different types of sweets in the house at one time when I was pregnant with her. Also I was not sick but a little nauseated with my boys and was sick and nauseated for half my pregnancy with my girl. My vote for you is a boy!! Love your blog!!


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