Confessional Thursday

I confess...

Since Boston made his debut, I just don't have time to sit down and blog like I want to. I pull out my computer each morning and as soon as I start to blog, he inevitably needs something. 

Since I haven't been able to blog, I've yet to finish his birth story even though I posted part 1 three whole weeks ago. Don't even get me started on his first month post. #momfail

This morning I woke up at 1 am and couldn't go back to sleep so I spent two hours shopping online. My bank account is telling me I should have taken some sleeping pills. 

Kevin and I ordered a car a month ago, for the second time, and when it arrived it wasn't what we ordered. Also for the second time. So Monday the dealership called saying they'd gotten Kevin what he wanted and it would arrive yesterday at lunch. Only when it arrived, it also wasn't what they had ordered. I'm starting to think Kevin's not meant to have this vehicle. 

I'm in that awkward postpartum stage where the clothes I wore during my pregnancy are too big and my pre-pregnancy clothes are too small which means I'm living in yoga pants each day and I'm not hating it. 

I'm loving the tribal print vibes and I pulled the trigger on this beauty last week. It arrives today and I can't be more excited to rock it to an upcoming baby shower. 

Two of my best friends are having babies and I think I am obsessed with buying for their little guys as I am buying for my own. Their showers better hurry up or Kevin is going to kill me. 

We went to the beach this past weekend and I refused to leave before my entire house was clean and all the laundry was done. I absolutely refuse to return from a relaxing vacation knowing I have work to do. Please tell me I'm not the only one who is OCD about this...

And with that, that's all I have today ladies! If you want to join in on the fun, pop over to Jessica's blog and link up!

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  1. I am the same way when it comes to leaving my house for even a night! The entire place must be spotless, down to the sheets being changed! I refuse to have it hanging over my head that I have stuff to do when I get home. Coming back from a trip and unpacking and doing laundry is stressful enough, theres no way I would add cleaning into that, too!

  2. I wore yoga pants and comfy pants for a long time after I had my girls. It was all that fit and something that I felt comfortable in. I still wear my maternity tanks from Target 15 months later, haha. I can't wait to read part 2, but I know how hard it is to blog with a new little one.


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