Confessional Thursday

I confess...

I'm in serious nesting mode despite that my pregnancy is over. Maybe it's spring fever?

I have an addiction to HGTV's Fixer Upper. I'm pretty sure Joanna Gaines and I could be best friends. And for real, how cute are her and Chip? Their fun and flirty relationship inspires me to do better at loosening up and having fun in my own marriage with every episode I watch!

Speaking of Fixer Upper, I've totally binged watched the entire third season in less than 24 hours. As a result, I'm contemplating where I can add shiplap in my home. Kevin says I have a problem. haha

Last Tuesday, we purchased a new SUV. Like signed papers, got a loan, and everything. Here's the kicker... we haven't even seen it yet. It's coming straight from the factory as a custom order and all I can say is... it better be what the hubs wanted. 

Now that Boston has arrived, I'm dying to go shopping! I want these pants in every. single. color. If you don't have any of these pants, do yourself a favor and go get a pair... like NOW! For just barely over $20 a pair, you can't beat the price and they are so flippin' comfortable. You'll thank me later, I promise. 

Since Boston arrived, I have treated myself to a few new items to help make myself feel a little bit better about my new body shape. I grabbed this adorable striped elephant shirt, this precious striped shirt dress (it's cuter on than it is on the model!), and this adorable white with black stripes piko. I've yet to wear any of these items but as soon as I do, I'll let ya know what I think!

I'm dying to see the Bachelor on Monday. The previews have me questioning who he is going to choose and if he's in fact going to send one girl home and then call her back because he realized he made a mistake?! What do you ladies think?!

And with that I'm done ladies! Be sure to pop over to Jess' blog and join today's link up!

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  1. I have that exact piko and LOVE it. They are soo comfortable, I even convinced my mom to order one yesterday. You cannot go wrong! :-)
    PS welcome back, hope all is going well with your little guy!

  2. Did I miss that you gave birth??? I've been in and out in the blogging world. Just checked it out, he's handsome!!! Congratulations mama.

    Good luck with the car! We're trying to pay off my loaan so we're in the clear and we can save on that.

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. It is seriously so sad that the sickest of people can ruin something so great for you.

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