Boston's Baby Sprinkle

A couple of weekends ago, my sweet friend and business partner, Stacey, threw Kevin and me a baby shower, or sprinkle if you will, for our little guy. The party was held at our house and despite having to reschedule it due to snowy weather we had quite the turn out. 

The Food 

The Dessert
Guests got to "sprinkle" their own cupcakes.

Harper approved (; 

The Favors

Guests grabbed umbrella shaped treats on their way out in case it were to "sprinkle" on their way home. 

The Presents
We were so blessed to have so many items purchased off of our baby registry; as well to receive so many other adorable items we hadn't requested. I mean seriously, just look at some of the elephant goodness Boston received :P

Best Friends <3 b="">

It was the perfect celebration for our little guy. Now if he'll just hurry up and get here so we can put all of these goodies to use! Just 20 days or less :P

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  1. you seriously have the most perfect little 'bump' ever! And that party looks just perfect, your little boy is spoiled already! :-)

  2. Cute idea! Love all the little "sprinkles" on everything!


  3. It looks like a great party. I love all the little details like the custom water bottles. Perfection!

  4. My favorite is the "sprinkle your own cupcake" bar!

  5. Baby showers are the best!!! It looks like you had SOOOOO much fun!

  6. So precious! Looks like an incredible shower!

    Diary of a Debutante

  7. This party looks like such a blast, the food and the decorations are seriously perfect. I can imagine you must be getting anxious for your sweet baby boy to arrive!

  8. All the details are so cute! So precious Xoxo Mindy


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