{Baby Holt #2} 38 Weeks

I had all intentions of only doing bumpdates each month with Boston but since our little guy could arrive any day, I thought I'd do an update these last few weeks to remember my final days of pregnancy. So here's what's been happening at 38 weeks... 

How Far Along: 38 weeks. 

Weight Gain: As of last Thursday, I've gained 31 pounds even. Since we're snowed in again this week, my guess is by Thursday I'll have put on an extra 3-4 pounds between last week's appointment and this week's. I can't say no to all of the snacks! haha

Cravings/ Aversions: This baby boy loves some sweets. I've never been much of a sweet eater prior to this pregnancy but my motto right now is "Give me all the cookies!". Last week we picked up some sugar cookies from the Walmart deli and I may or may not have ate the whole container in about three days. 

Exercise: That's still a big no. 

Stretch Marks: I noticed over the weekend that I had one stretch mark on my side. Not too bad considering this baby is about to pop out. But whose to say I won't have plenty of them when my belly deflates after birth. 

Maternity Clothes: Still just wearing my two pairs of maternity jeans. Otherwise, I'm living in the usual tunic tops, sweaters, hoodies, and stretchy pants.
Wedding Rings On/Off: They're still on. Though I've been debating taking them off since I know when I go in to deliver the fluid from the IV's will cause me to swell and I'm not sure I want to worry about keeping up with my rings at the hospital. 

Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep these days. I can pretty much lay my head on the pillow and I'm out. However, I am getting up multiple times a night to potty and sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep. But on the bright side, it's preparing me for middle of the night feedings. 

Movement: This little guy's movements are definitely slowing down but it doesn't really worry me as I know he's running out of room. 

Gender: Boy. 

Symptoms: The acid reflux is definitely taking it's toll. It's a hundred times worse at night. I try not to eat past 7pm each night, sleep sitting up, and try to limit my liquid intake to just water and it's really not helping. The doctor suggested using essentials oils in my water so a trip to Whole Foods is in order soon. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. But considering I've been having contractions pretty frequently, I don't suppose I'll have much longer to go. 

Best Moment This Week: Finding out that I'm 3cm dialated and 60% effaced. The midwife said to get ready because this little guy was getting his eviction notice before the 40 week mark. Though I'm trying to not get too excited. I still have some things I should work on before he arrives and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for him to make his appearance. But if he's anything like his sister, he's just faking us out and he'll hang around until after 40 weeks despite the progress he's made thus far. 

Looking Forward To: Meeting our little guy in just a few weeks... or less!

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