{Baby Holt #2} Boston's Baby Registry

With Boston set to make his debut in less than two months and our baby shower set to take place next week, I thought today would be the perfect day to share a few items on my baby registry the second go round. Although we have all of Harper's baby things which were predominately gender neutral, there are still a few new products on the market that I wanted to add to our wish list this go round; as well as a few things we need duplicates of due to Harper still using them. So without further ado, here's what made the cut...

Boston's Baby Registry

Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock n' Play Sleeper: When Harper was first born she slept in my childhood bassinet next to our bed. However, by the time she was close to a month old, she had completely outgrown her bassinet which led me to purchase one of these nifty inventions off of Craigslist for just $20! Unfortunately, since it was an after baby registry purchase, it was butterfly patterned and I knew it wouldn't really work out for our little guy. To top it off, in the last two years, Fisher Price added an automatic rocking setting to this little baby which means I don't have to lay in bed rocking it as I drift to sleep. So needless to say, this is at the top of my want list (good thing since it's already been purchased :P). I plan for our little guy to spend his first few weeks sleeping in it next to our bed. It also folds up and is super lightweight which means I'll be dragging it all over the house and will probably pack it in the car for visits to the parents and in-laws.

4 Moms Plus MamaRoo: MamaRoo's were just making their way on to the scene when Harper was a newborn which led me to register for a Fisher Snugabunny swing (similar) and bouncer (similar) when I was preparing for her arrival. Although we loved her swing and she loved it as well, the MamaRoo is so much more compact and serves as both a swing and bouncer with all of it's many functions. So if I can get rid of two pieces of baby gear in exchange for one that's half the size, this mama will take it! Plus Harper will appreciate the fact that she won't have to get rid of some of her toys since this won't take up much space in our living room (;

Summer Infant Full View Video Monitor: We have the older version of this monitor and we love it! The imaging is crystal clear during the night as well as the day and the pan and zoom is amazing. Sadly, when we registered for the older monitor three years ago, we didn't think to include a second monitor to have on hand for a second baby and that particular model has been discontinued. Since we still use Harper's monitor in her big girl room, we'd love another one of these to add in Boston's room to keep an eye out on him as well.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair: This is another product we registered for with Harper and we absolutely love. Since Harper still uses her's daily, we're in need of another one for Boston. These high chairs are amazing because they don't take up a ton of space. We leave Harper's at the kitchen table all the time. If we have guests over, it's so easy to unstrap and place in another chair in our dining room. It also packs well for beach vacations and weekend getaways.

Graco 4-Ever All-In-One Car Seat: We love Graco car seats here in the Holt household so when Graco created this car seat that goes from the newborn stage all the way to a booster seat, I was sold! It'll be so great to have just one car seat that will take us through the next five to eight years which makes the price tag worth it.

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller: When Harper was born, we were given the Graco FastAction Jogger Click Connect Travel System. We loved, loved, loved it so when we started talking double strollers I knew without a doubt I'd be looking at Graco's strollers again. I knew I definitely didn't want a side by side stroller as they are huge and can hardly fit through a door so when I discovered this little beauty that matched our current car seat and would even fit our current carrier from our previous stroller, it was top priority on our list.

Aldo Tote Handbag with Pouch: When I found out I was pregnant with Boston one of the first things I started looking at was diaper bags. When Harper was an infant I used a Skip Hop Versa and loved it but after a year and a half, it had finally had it. It was showing serious signs of wear as the lining was tearing and one of the zippers had broke... but what can you expect when you're lugging a suitcase around each day. Since I had such a great experience with Skip Hop diaper bags, purchasing another one from their line was my first choice. After perusing their new bags, I came across this Skip Hop Duet 2-in-1 Diaper Bag and fell in love. I loved the fact that this bag served as two bags in one...a tote and a removable crossbody because let's be real, when you're just doing a quick run at the grocery store or going to dinner at a restaurant, no one wants to lug those giant diaper bags around. So having the ability to zip out the inner lining filled with just a few necessary essentials like diapers, wipes, and a bottle made this mama giddy. However, the $130 price tag did not. Which led me to look for an alternative and as always, Target did it again. They carried a very similar tote that was not baby related for less than two thirds of the cost. Win win in this girl's book!

Up and Up Baby Wipes: Out of all the wipes we tried with Harper, Target's brand of wipes are my favorite! Which is why you'll see that I requested 10 boxes of them. But no worries... I'll take more than that (;

Pampers Swaddlers & Luvs Diapers: You know you're a second time parent when you stop asking for the cute stuff and ask for the essentials (; We registered for about 30 boxes of diapers... about five boxes in each size. When Harper was little we loved using Pampers Swaddlers since they had the line that indicated whether or not she needed changing. This was perfect for those middle of the night feedings when you weren't sure if you should bother changing her since she'd just fallen back asleep. However, once she started sleeping through the night, we switched to Luvs as they were about $10 cheaper a box and were just as good.

Random Items
Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs: These are seriously the best burp rags ever! They are so large and provide the most coverage of any we tried. They also double as bibs which means they have two functions in one which totally make them worth the price. Since the ones we had for Harper were all in patterns of pink, getting these in colors that would work for a boy are a must!

Aden + Anais Swaddle Plus Blankets: These blankets were by far my favorite with Harper. But like the burpy bibs, we had these in patterns of pink as well. So adding these adorable blue elephant pattern ones to our collection for the little guy would just make my day!

Nuk Pacifiers: Harper wouldn't use any other pacifier than NUK so since we already had a few of them still left lying around the house, I decided to register for some more of these for the little guy. Hopefully he won't be as picky about pacifiers as his sister was.

And that's pretty much it other than a few other items like crib sheets, a stroller toy, and a few hygiene items. There were plenty of cute outfits from Target that I could have added to our registry but let's be real, everyone buys babies clothes so I knew there was no need to do that. I'm sure he'll end up with an even more stuffed closet by the time our shower gets here...which is a-okay with me. Whoever said boy clothes weren't as cute as girls was seriously lying. Have you seen what Carters, Old Navy, and Target has to offer these days?!

And that's it ladies! Anything you second time mamas suggest I add?!

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  1. Great list!! I'm sharing this with a friend who is due with a baby soon :)

  2. The high chair has an adorable print!

  3. Looks like so many cute items to pick!

  4. Great list! You have all the things I thought were a must when my little girl was a baby. You may want to add things like infant Tylenol, teething meds, boogie wipes (THE BEST!), diaper rash cream and baby wash and lotions. All things I never thought to add until my 3rd child. We went through lots of teething meds and Tylenol during the frequent "vaccination" appointments.

  5. First of all, I love your sweet baby's name! Boston is so precious! Second of all, it sounds like you have all your bases covered, it sounds like you know what you're doing ;) My favorite shower gift to give to expectant mommies is lots and lots of diapers, wipes, etc. They can always use those :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. I'm a nanny and a rock n play sleeper is a must have! Congrats on baby #2!!


  7. It's so nice you have so many of the basics already so this time around you can really refine your wish list.

  8. My friend's baby's name is Harper, and I absolutely adore that name! We don't have little ones yet, but I can't possibly imagine being THIS prepared! Way to go, girl!

  9. What a great list! I'll keep this in mind when I have a baby in a couple of years!


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