{5 on Friday} Happy Friday, Girls!

It's Friday! Can I get an hallelujah or an amen? This has definitely been a tough week trying to find myself back in a routine. Our house is a disaster, the laundry hasn't been done in days, and I may or may not have overslept twice this week. But we made it and that's what counts so lets get on to our Five on Friday.

1} This Week's Posts
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that for the first time in at least a year, I actually got blog posts up each day?! I am as floored as you ladies are! I'd like to say I hope it could continue but let's be real, it won't. At some point, life is going to get in the way again and I'll probably take a week or so blogging absence here and there and I'm starting to realize that that's okay. But for now, if you want to catch up on this week's posts you can read about how we spent last weekend, read my eight month update on our little guy, see our amazing maternity pictures, or read my list of goals and to-do's for 2016

2} Monogram Obsession
If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I have an obsession with monograms. I would pretty much monogram anything...except for my toilet because I've seen that and let's be real, that's just weird. But I love monogram clothes and accessories and with all of the after holiday sales taking place, I've been adding to my collection. I pulled the trigger on these black riding boots, this Carolina Panthers baseball tee, as well as this awesome sweatshirt tunic. Now to just get this baby popped out so I can sport them all :P

3} Baby Carriers + Deals
Did any of you mamas wear your babies? When Harper came along, I purchased a cheap baby carrier I could wear her with but never actually used it. However, this week I got to thinking that getting out and about with a toddler and an infant would probably work much better if I chose to wear Boston instead of trying to struggle toting a car seat carrier, a diaper bag, purse, and trying to hold Harper's hand as well. I also got to thinking it would work so much better for our spring beach trip instead of trying to lug our double stroller with us. That thing is a beast! So I've been asking around and have been trying to see which carriers you mamas suggest. A friend of mine suggested the Ergo Original. She still uses it with her almost three year old so I added it to my baby registry but as luck would have it, I found it on clearance at Target on the same day for a third of the price. I went on and snatched it up, just in case, but if you ladies have another suggestion, please share! 

4} Pregnancy Side-Effects
While pregnancy is a beautiful time in a person's life... there are also some not so pleasant side effects that people don't tell you about and that you often forget until the second time around. And last night I was quickly reminded about leg cramps. For real, those things are NO joke. I was up every thirty minutes to an hour last night pacing the floors because my legs were aching so bad. And of course, my pacing, moaning, and groaning woke up my half asleep toddler which resulted in me getting about a total of two hours sleep last night. So this morning, I'm sitting at work with no shower, proudly sporting a t-shirt, jeans, duck boots, and a ponytail. #noshame

5} Photo Dump 

32 week bump. 

If I'm going to be as big as a lumberjack, I figure I might as well embrace it and dress the part. 

& this my friends is what potty training looks like I'm our house. I can assure you, she's the only one smiling. Haha 

& that my friends is all I've got for today. See ya Monday!!
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  1. That is the cutest picture of her potty training! Save that so you can look back and chuckle and embarrass her later haha! I have a moby wrap and an ergo and they are both amazing! When our newest was born my first was only 22 months so it was necessary to wear the baby when we were out and about and it still makes it easier and sweet babe is 2 months old now! The only issue with the Ergo is that is better for when baby is older and bigger. A wrap is the best for the newborn time period and then the ergo with the newborn insert starts to be great around 6/7 weeks!

  2. I love this little graphic, it's perfect! WOOT WOOT for starting 2016 out as good bloggers! This was also my first week in so long that I posted all 5 days!


  3. While I have no kids, I have been a nanny for many years now and work in the infant room every weekend at church and the ERGO is by FAR the best carrier!! There are also the slings that strap on like a cross body bag that are my favorite, but only certain babies like to be held that way. I've found that many like the straight-up-and-down position of the ERGO better. So if you find a good deal on the "The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling Baby Carrier" at Target too, I would go for it!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  4. I've been obsessed with monograms since day one! Yes! Finally, Friday decided to make an appearance.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  5. Awww, your lumberjack outfit is actually adorable!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. I wasn't a huge fan of monograms for the longest time until I for some reason I decided to purchase my first monogram hoodie. Man oh man now I am obsessed. I want to monogram everything! Hope you're having a good day!

    Amy | pastelnpink.blogspot.com

  7. I just laughed out loud at Harper's potty training picture... she is adorable! I hope those leg cramps ease up!! ...Also, congratulations on your new side business! It sounds like such a great idea! I'll spread the word with family in town.

  8. I really like monogram necklaces. I am not sure I would want anything else. You are cute with your baby bump!!

  9. I wasn't a big of monograms until I was gifted an A coffee mug from Anthropologie!! It's by far my favorite coffee mug.

  10. I share your monogram obsession! I haven't seen a monogrammed toilet, but I have seen monogrammed toilet paper, and I found it to be a tad bit excessive. Hahaha. Happy weekend!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  11. Monograms are one of my addictions too. I have also been getting some new monograms to add to my collection, and I wish I had many many more.

  12. Can I just say I love your pregnancy style. So gorgeous. Omg and your little girl is so adorable.

  13. I am obsessed with monograms as well! Pretty much everything I own is monogrammed! You have the best maternity style! I hope I look even half as good as you do!

  14. I love Monograms!! Marley Lily is my go to for all things with my name on it :)



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