{Monthly Recap}: Three Months

You haven't been weighed since your doctor's appointment that took place on July 24th. At that appointment, you were weighing in at 13 pounds and 5 ounces; but you also had a full diaper and were still wearing your clothes. So truthfully, you were probably around 13 pounds. My guess now is you're somewhere between 14 and 15 pounds based on your usual weight gain. However, in the last week, you've seemed to really grow so I'll be curious as to what you weigh at your next doctor's appointment!

You are one healthy girl! We took you to the doctor on July 24th to have a follow up appointment on your kidneys. Dr. Hodges said there didn't seem to be any concern considering you are using the bathroom pretty often and you haven't shown any signs of fluid retention. That made your mommy and daddy extremely happy! We're so blessed God has given us a healthy and happy baby!

You are still quite the sleeping champ. Over the last couple of weeks, you've been sleeping around 10-11 hours at night. You usually go to bed between 8:30-10 and wake up between 7 and 9 depending on when you fell asleep. It really depends on how your day has been and how much napping you've done as to when you go to bed. Speaking of napping, you're no longer a fan. If we're out and about during your nap times, you'll fall asleep without ever making a peep. But if we're just hanging around the house, you'll fight your nap time for all it's worth! You've also gotten to the point that if you fall asleep in Mommy's arms, you're perfectly content to nap there for an hour to two hours at a time. However, if I choose to lay you down during nap time so I can get some things done, your eyes open within five minutes of laying down! Someone is quite spoiled apparently :P

Mommy still hasn't put you on a strict routine. We just sort of go with the flow from day to day. However, your days usually look the same unless we're out and about. In that case, you pretty much sleep all day! Apparently riding makes you extremely tired! But your typical day at home looks like the following... If you wake earlier than 9am to eat, you'll fall back asleep until 9am rolls around. At 9am, you'll wake up for another bottle and then stay awake until lunchtime. During that time period, we play on Mommy and Daddy's bed, watch a little tv, or play on the playmat together. Around lunchtime, you'll eat and take a little cat nap. After your cat nap, you'll play until sometime between 2 and 3 when you decide you want another bottle. After that bottle, sometimes you'll take a short nap and sometimes you won't. So what we do during this time is sort of up in the air each day. Around 5 to 6 you'll eat again, then we'll take a bath. After bath time, you play for about thirty minutes and then you fall asleep. Mommy uses this time to cook dinner and hang out with Daddy. You'll eat again around 8 or 9 and fall asleep shortly after. Then we do it all over again the next day (:

You're still wearing all of your 3 months outfits. While we were at the beach, I tried out a few 3-6 month outfits but they swallowed you whole! On the bright side, you're getting to wear all of those outfits you received at our baby shower. on the down side, you have a closet full of summer stuff in 6 month sizes that I'm beginning to wonder if you'll get to wear with fall weather quickly approaching!

Your tiny booty is still in a size one. From the looks of it, you may be wearing those for a little while longer. Another good thing considering how many packs of size ones you have! I thought you were going to outgrow them pretty fast but you've surprised me yet again (:

Still formula all of the time. The doctor suggested we give you rice at night to help with your spitting up but you had such a tough time getting it out of the bottle that we stopped trying to give it to you. I just hated to see you getting so irritated and your spitting up has gotten better so I decided to postpone the rice cereal until you get big enough to use a spoon!

You're still the happiest little thing unless you're hungry. Each morning you wake up grinning up a storm. For the most part, you spend your day laughing, cooing, and smiling. But when hunger hits, you turn into your mama. You instantly get agitated and throw a fit!

-You went to the beach for the very first time this month! You loved the pool and the ocean! Most people seemed shocked but of course Mommy and Daddy weren't. You're such a water baby!
- While at the beach, you decided to laugh out loud for the first time. Your Uncle Dan had you laughing so hard that you could barely breath. If only we had recorded it in time!
-Also this month, you learned to roll over! Just one day shy of being three months, you rolled from your back to your belly! A feat that most babies don't learn until they are closer to six months old. What can we say.. we have a fast learner on our hands!
- You got to spend your first evening with Auntie Aly & Uncle Clint so Mommy & Daddy could have a date night!

- You're loving the beach! Sand between your toes and ocean waves... a girl after Mommy's own heart (:
- Bath time is still one of your top five activities!
- Your play mat! This month you really got into playing with the items that hang down from your play mat. You especially love to pull and hold on to the hippo that hangs down from it. You do your best to get it into your mouth!

- Naps! You're quickly learning that you miss out on things when you're napping!


  1. Just hopped over from Vanessa's blog and had to say your little Harper is a DOLL! (Also, I swear there are more Sarah bloggers than any other name out there so glad I found ya!)

  2. Three months already!! She's so precious!

  3. Oh my goodness, she sounds JUST like my little man. He sleeps all the way through the night now - which is great. But, he hates to nap during the day. He'll fall asleep for maybe 20 minutes here and there, and then his little eyes will pop open and he'll be wanting to know what's going on around him! So hard to get anything done!!! So glad to hear that Harper's still doing well. She is precious:)


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