Reliving Our First Date

    In October of 2009, while sitting at Turks Sports Bar with Kevin, his softball team, and his cousin Cursty, Kevin asked me out on our first "real" date. I was so excited! We had all been sitting around the table talking about how the Dixie Classic Fair was in town and I mentioned that I loved going and I was going to have to get a group together when Kevin looked at me and said "why don't we go tomorrow?" I was like "huh?". We rarely did anything just the two of us... especially on a Friday night! I was like "Seriously? Just the two of us?" . And I can still see his face... that "duh Sara" look he gives me with his little smirk :P (I love it!!!). I laughed and said "Ok!". When I left him at Turks I was walking on cloud nine! For several years I had gone to the fair but I had never gone on a "date" there. I couldn't wait!
   The next day I was so anxious to get out of class. I felt like the clock was barely ticking. But as the time grew nearer, I grew more and more nervous. I didn't know what to expect. Kevin and I hung out all the time but this time would be different. I ended up making myself practically sick and chickened out and asked Kevin to invite his brother and his brother's girlfriend. So in the end, we all headed to Winston Salem together!
   When we got to the fair my stomach was in knots. I didn't know how to act! I can still remember laughing and carrying on with Brooke and Bryan so I could sort of avoid Kevin (weird huh?!). But as we were standing in the center of the fairgrounds, Kevin reached down and grabbed my hand. I remember that in that moment, the knots disappeared and the happiness set in. For the rest of the night, Kevin held my hand as we walked, as we rode each ride, and held my hand the entire way home. It was amazing.
    Because that was the first place we had a "real" date, Kevin and I make it a point each year to relive our first date. So yesterday, we went to the fair with Brooke & Bryan just like the first time and yes, he held my hand the entire time! And of course, we even took the same pictures (:  Here's a few!!!


  1. Aw! This is so sweet! Hey, I'm Amanda Gilmore, I'm from Reidsville.. It's so neat to find another blogger that I actually know! (Even though, I'm not sure if we have actually met, haha)

  2. Hey! I know who you are! I think I met you at the swim club one day a few summers ago!!! It is nice to read a blog from a blogger in my hometown (:


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