Coming Back + Weekend Recap

Girls, it's been a really long time. In the last two months I've missed this space. I've sat down many a time and started typing away only to stop, clear out the words, and log out. Why you ask? Because I still live in fear that the same thing that happened to one of my dear friends might happen to me (read all about it here). It's a scary world we live in and keeping my family safe is a top priority.  But this week I felt God pushing me to return to this little space. I'm not sure why the sudden urging but I feel confident in His calling and so here I am. So let's get started on this weekend recap...

Kevin's been working pretty much non-stop here lately but this past weekend he somehow lucked up with having two days off in a row. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Amen! Can you tell I was excited?! He spent most of Friday sleeping. The poor guy had quite a bit of lost sleep to catch up on and I was a-okay with that. While he slept, I got some work done around the house. When he woke up, we got ready and we headed to Danville to grab some dinner with the brother in law. Not exactly craving anything, we finally all decided on grabbing supper at Applebee's. Kevin and I always split the 2 for $20 (we're cheap like that) but this go round I spotted the most mouth-watering looking burger on the menu. I really wanted to order it but I chickened out the last minute in fear I wouldn't like it and we'd have wasted $10 (again, cheap mama here) but as luck would have it my brother in law decided to order it and share. And ya'll... no lie...BEST BURGER EVER!  I didn't think to snap a picture beforehand so here's the menu picture just so you can visualize. It's the brunch burger and it's topped with bacon, a fried egg, hashbrowns, and onions. I know it sounds disgusting but for real, you will not be disappointed. My mouth has watered all weekend thinking about it. So yummy!

After indulging in way to much food, we headed to Target per Harper's request. She knew a Target was just around the corner and informed her daddy that she wanted a "hero train"; which we've yet to figure out what that is. We quickly informed her she wouldn't be getting a hero train as she'd already gotten a toy earlier in the week. In which she promptly responded, "Oh that's okay. I like any train." We seriously couldn't stop laughing. The things this girl comes up with.

Following our trip to Target, where Harper left toyless, we headed to Kevin's parents house to check out their new car and hang out with them for a while. Not meaning to wear out our welcome, we ended up not leaving until midnight.. which was totally out of character for us. When we got home I was exhausted but for some reason my children decided they weren't. By 1:00am I was tired of fighting to keep my eyes open so I handed Boston over to Kevin, turned on some episodes of Paw Patrol, and left Harper to her own being on the downstairs couch. I'm not sure what time Kevin eventually got the kids asleep but what I do know is this mama had the best sleep she's had in weeks. 

Saturday we all slept in and ended up not getting up and moving till nearly lunch time. Kevin's uncle came by and changed out our back porch light...a task that we'd needed to have done for months but hadn't got around too..simply because I couldn't find a light I liked well enough. But I'm pretty sold on this one

After he left we headed to our favorite little Mexican restaurant for some lunch, made a quick trip to the grocery store, then headed to my parents to check out their new car (& yes, both the parents and in-laws got a car on the same day!)

Saturday evening, we headed to Olive Garden with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday. I don't have any pictures from the evening other than snapping some photos during the car ride.

We had all intentions of heading home right after but on the way home we made a split second decision to visit Kevin's grandma and I'm so thankful we did. Harper loves seeing her Memaw and Memaw is just as happy to see them. 

Sunday we spent the day as usual. We headed to church, ate lunch at the parents' house, then made our way home. Kevin headed back into work leaving me at home with the babies. Harper had been invited to VBS at a local church so we headed there while my best friend volunteered to look after little man. 

When we returned home from VBS, the in-laws had swung by so while B had little man and the in-laws occupied Harper, I took the opportunity to enjoy some fast food on my own without sharing.  Something you mamas know is a rare thing. Here's to hoping I have another moment like that again soon. A girl could get used to that (; 

Hope you ladies had fantastic weekends as well!

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  1. You're back!! So happy! Harper's rationalization for a new toy was too funny and adorable of course!

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