{Weekend Recap} Family Outings

Happy Tuesday, ladies! We kept very busy over the weekend which had me dragging yesterday. Hence why the recap is getting posted on Tuesday afternoon. Sorry, a mama just can't do it all!

On Friday after work. Kevin and I headed to a local park with the kids. We have some money invested with Edward Jones and our investors threw together a little cookout for their clients by the lake. It was such a nice gesture for customer appreciation. They had hot dogs with all the fixings, chips, and a handful of desserts that we may or may not have sampled each of. Which meant that when the food was gone, it was time to do a bit of wandering and working off that food. So while I caught up with my parents who were also in attendance, Kevin took Harper down to the lake to do some exploring.

We stuck around for about an hour and then we headed downtown for the Cruise In; a local event that takes place on the second Friday of each spring and summer month. We wandered the streets looking at old cars and catching up with people we ran into. And we may or may not have also grabbed some ice cream from a local sandwich shop before heading home. Whoops.

On Saturday morning, Harper had her preschool program. She also had a blastball game but since we value the importance of education over sports, we opted for her to attend her program. & thank goodness that we did because Harper rocked her show. She led her class throughout their whole portion. She said her numbers in English and Spanish; told the commandments; sang her songs; and shared her memory verse. We couldn't have been more proud. 

To celebrate we headed to grab pizza for lunch, as was her request. While there I tried to snap a photo but as you can tell, I have a silly girl on my hands!

Following lunch, we headed to the hospital to visit Kevin's grandpa. We got a call Friday night saying he wasn't doing well but since it was so late, we opted to take the kids by on Saturday instead of dragging them to the hospital late at night. I'm so thankful we did because Papa Jimmy's mind was much sharper Saturday morning and he was able to communicate some with us. We hung around for a little while visiting then we headed to Kevin's parents' house for the remainder of the afternoon.

Around dinner time, Kevin, his brother, and I headed to Greensboro (with the kids in tow!). For Mother's Day Kevin got me an Apple watch and apparently it started a trend. Kevin and his brother both decided they too needed smart watches which led us to Best Buy where we spent two hours letting the two of them decide on what they wanted. 

But at least they left happy (:

We ended our night with dinner at Cracker Barrel and a quick trip to Target where I grabbed up this adorable elephant outfit for our little man. You know, because elephants are my thing!

Our Sunday was spent as it usually is. Kevin had to work which meant the kids and I attended church with my parents and family. Our new pastor delivered a wonderful sermon and I left feeling refreshed and prepared for a new week. 

Following the service, we headed to my parents' house for our usual Sunday lunch. We hung around for the better part of the afternoon then headed home so the kids could grab naps and I could catch up on the Hallmark movie I had recorded on dvr. Sadly, the movie didn't happen, nor did the naps. But instead we headed next door to the neighbor's so Harper could join in on their daughter's birthday party fun. Which worked out because by the time the evening came, Harper was so worn out that we all got to get in bed before 9! Whoop whoop!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend! Family time is the best time. I'm glad you had fun!

    Sockwun | ExtraExtravagant.com

  2. Apple Watches rock! Looks like you all had the absolute best weekend!!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  3. Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Little Harper is so cute :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  4. Your little girl is absolutely precious, I am loving those sweet selfies!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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  6. Sounds like a busy but wonderful weekend! You and your daughter are adorable!

    Jennifer Ashley


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